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On A Warpath - s/t (6/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Alveran Records
Playing time: 24:18
Band homepage: On A Warpath


  1. Intro
  2. Restoration
  3. Knuckle Up
  4. Cut Em Off
  5. One By One
  6. Fuck All Yall
  7. Lying Face Down
  8. Dont Let The Memories Fade
  9. San Lee, The Blood Trade

On A Warpath - s/t

ON A WARPATH play Hardcore, plain and simple. It's heavy, it postures and it fucks and blinds like the band own shares in Ultimately it stays true to the form and as a consequence remains an average listen, despite there being some highs.


If this review suddenly ends that is because I've decided that if I count more than 733 uses of the word “fuck” in all its forms then the typing finishes and I move on. Lets just say that I don't mind hard man lyrics, but constant use of expletives gets right on my tits, not a good start then. The majority of this album consists of extended breakdowns bridged by faster sections. To be fair, ON A WARPATH are at their most cohesive when they up the pace and one or two tracks sit quite well with me. The rest are shackled by being ordinary but for devotees the predictability has half the appeal, you want to be able to cough your larynx out in concert with the band and menace your mates in time with the music.


Of course, even if you don't rate Hardcore, there are always aspects that you can appreciate. This is undoubtedly a heavy record, you will need to reinforce your CD tray. Some of the Thrash elements employed do engage and though I would prefer more of them that would change the nature of the beast. As with most within the genre, the bass plays a strong part and so if you're into annoying your neighbours by shaking their ornaments from their mantlepiece “On A Warpath” wouldn't go amiss. There is little in the way of embellishment apart from the odd squeal from the guitar, other than that it is the tried and tested fast section / breakdown repeated ad nauseum.


I don't normally take any notice of lyrics. For one I'm just not interested in what bands have to say and secondly, you can't make out a word of most of the stuff I choose to listen to. ON A WARPATH make it very difficult to ignore what they are barking and growling about and therein lays a problem for someone who is confined to his pipe and slippers. I don't mind lyrics that carry a threat but this comes across as an album of don't-fuck-with-me and that becomes tiresome, especially to someone who has always preferred fucking to fighting. I take note that these are all relative youngsters and this is their first album, maybe the rhetoric will be more diverse next time though I don't expect any songs about fluffy pink bunnies.


“On A Warpath” is by no means a bad album and not being too enamoured with the genre, I may be missing the point somewhere along the line. There are some solidly enjoyable sections for me, maybe more so for you. The fact that I got to the end of this review may mean that the band did not reach the limit I imposed on the fucks then again it may have more to do with getting bored counting, I reckon it was a close run th... (Online October 14, 2006)

Niall MacCartney

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