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Doomsword - Resound The Horn (9/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Dragonheart Records
Playing time: 50:08
Band homepage: Doomsword


  1. Shores Of Vinland
  2. Onward The Battle
  3. The Doomsword
  4. MCXIX
  5. For Those Who Die With Sword In Hand
  6. The Early Days Of Finn MacCool
  7. Resound The Horn: Odin's Hall
Doomsword - Resound The Horn
Eh, it's about time that my favourite Italians give us greatest Epic Metal. And their second album does just that.

Even though I had to stop short at the first song "Shores Of Vinland" because of the bad vocals! It has a decent BATHORY-flair, no doubt - which for sure had been their plan as well. And as we all know, Quorthon (BATHORY) neither could sing. Roundabout like this the good Deathmaster is sounding here. After the first shock it continues epic and very cranky.

Just like on their killer-debut "Doomsword" doomy and a bit faster (no Speed!) songs balance. Influenced by bands like CANDLEMASS, MEDIEVAL STEEL or MANOWAR these Italians do their own thing. And for me they have four absolute highlights on offer, for one it is the song that bears the same title as the band: "The Doomsword": The most probably slowest track ever. Pure Doom!

Then there would be "MCXIX", an Epic-hammer in best Eighties-tradition! The hymnic "Onward The Battle" with very cranky vocals is also remarkable. But the crowning composition is the closing title-track: "Resound The Horn: Odin's Hall", a song that also would have been one of the highlights on the brilliant debut. This song is incredible!

"For Those Who Die With Sword In Hand" and "The Early Days Of Finn MacCoo" also are great songs, so all fans of the obscure direction will be satisfied for sure, yet should even more buy the debut, if they do not have it at home yet! (Online July 21, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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