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Sabaton - Attero Dominatus (8/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Black Lodge
Playing time: 40:58
Band homepage: Sabaton


  1. Attero Dominatus
  2. Nuclear Attack
  3. Rise Of Evil
  4. In The Name Of God
  5. We Burn
  6. Angels Calling
  7. Back In Control
  8. A Light In The Black
  9. Metal Crüe
Sabaton - Attero Dominatus

One year after the awesome “Primo Victoria” the Swedes from SABATON release their newest album and remaining true to themselves challenge the fans linguistically, because yet again they have chosen themselves a Latin title, this time “Attero Dominatus” which means “Destroy the Leader”. And when you consider the lyrical alignment of their songs then it is a quite fitting title.


Just like on their former release the lyrics are about different wars, WW II, Holy Wars, the Falkland crisis and so they differ from their Fantasy – colleagues , because it is really worth to pay attention, wars are not only described superficially but they go deeper then that and have written some really interesting lyrics.


Musically they have slowed down a bit in comparison to the forerunner and paid more attention to more ripened melodies, which unfortunately has taken away from the power which was typical for SABATON since their first demo. The opening track is true to the tradition of “Primo Victoria” with thundering choir at the beginning and then mid-tempo whipped to double-bass, with keyboard support and the typical voice of Jocke Brodén, very strong start! After that, “Nuclear Assault” is already the usher of the somewhat tempered sound, typically Swedish , very catchy, but with reduced power.


After the trudging and scorching “Rise Of Evil”, “In The Name Of God” breaks through with really discharging keyboards, but the chorus and the choirs are good, just like the Falkland hymn “Back In Control”, short, quick, great chorus, very strong indeed! At the end “Metal Crüe” is then the typical SABATON ending as a hymn to Metal, trodden, with brilliant lyrics (concealing 34 band names) and the chorus has already cult character: „When the priest killed a maiden in the metal church, Armored saints and warlocks watched the slaughter, Rage of the slayer forced the pretty maids, To kiss the Queen in crimson glory“.


On the whole I like “Primo Victoria” a bit more, because it has more power and I have always like that at SABATON. But even with less power the Swedes stand above the genre-average, no question about that, and who wants a bit different Power Metal will be optimally served! (Online August 23, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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