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Fadeout - Behind The Figures (4,5/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Nu-Metal / Gothic Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 14:54
Band homepage: Fadeout


  1. For You >mp3
  2. Push Away >mp3
  3. When You Leave >mp3
  4. Only A Shell >mp3
Fadeout - Behind The Figures

Finland’s FADEOUT hypes its new release, “Behind The Figures”, as “forming a bridge between different extremes of metal music.” At least that’s what the bio says. But to my ears, the four song release doesn’t form a bridge towards anything extreme.


The closest similarity to any form of Extreme Metal to be found on “Behind The Figures” is the use of the Death-y vocals on “Push Away” and “Only A Shell”. But those sections hold something much closer to ILL NIÑO or SLIPKNOT, than to MORBID ANGEL. There are a few sections that bring to mind finish brethren CHARON or MISERY INC, but for the most part “Behind The Figures“ takes most of its cues from the nearly dead American Nu-Metal scene and the Nu-Rock scene (as I call it), that has taken its place on American radio.


There is a general catchiness to all four songs. But the lead-off track, “For You”, (which is a ballad no less), is the only song I really enjoy, most closely fitting the Finnish Gothic Metal style. The production is also pretty good, just not quite professional, which leaves no doubt that FADEOUT self-released “Behind The Figures”.


This is a release that I can only recommend to those who miss Nu-Metal’s heyday. I wish that FADEOUT had stayed more with the style of the first track, but oh well. I don’t really know what the overall scene is like in Finland, maybe they dig this stuff. But I can’t see “Behind The Figures” appealing to many in the Metal populace.

(Online October 22, 2006)

Eric Vieth

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