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Rain Paint - Disillusion Of Purity (7/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Playing time: 50:02
Band homepage: Rain Paint


  1. Year Or Two
  2. Give Back My Heart >mp3
  3. Heart Will Stop >mp3
  4. Thru The Mire
  5. Disintigration
  6. Purity >mp3
  7. Final Peace
  8. Inside Me
  9. Disillusion (Outro)
Rain Paint - Disillusion Of Purity

Ah, how nice it is to approach a review without bias, because I have to confess that I had never heard of RAIN PAINT, though the band info says that they were influenced by KATATONIA, HIM, MY DYING BRIDE, TYPE O NEGATIVE, THE CURE and SENTENCED. If a band compare themselves to such greats from this genre, then they are either completely megalomaniac or really competent. Add to this the fact that the disc was recorded in Finnvox Studio among others, so I could expect quite a lot.


Unfortunately, they did not meet my expectations, as the first two tracks, "Year Or Two“ and "Give Back My Heart“ were anything but outstanding. Many doomy passages mixed with a few rocking guitars and Aleksi Ahokas on the mic, who could duel with the vocalist of PLACEBO and is interrupted by some growls a few times on “Year Or Two”, and that’s it.


From "Heart Will Stop“ on, though, the Finnish guys took a somewhat different approach, even though they still dwell in sombre territory, but at least they incorporated some decent riffs, which gives the whole thing more verve, and the songs are catchier. I can also understand how the band draws their musical influences from TYPE O NEGATIVE, SENTENCED, THE CURE and co., even though RAIN PAINT don’t reach the class of these bands yet, but with the well-done cover version of THE CURE’s “Disintegration”, the band show that they don’t need to be self-effacing.


On "Purity“, they are somewhat more progressive again and vocalist Aleksi Ahokas once again duels with guest vocalist Henri Villberg who performs some of his aggressive growls again. As often happens, what I consider the highlight of “Disillusion Of Purity” can be found at the end. “Inside Me” has the catchy melodies that I have been missing with the rest of the album on some occasions, but so what. After the rather bad start “Disillusion Of Purity” had, the album got better and better with every song, even though I thought the instrumental at the end was somewhat unnecessary.

(Online October 29, 2006)

Daniel Lödl

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