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Factory Of Art - The Tempter (7/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Label: CCP
Playing time: 60:02
Band homepage: Factory Of Art


  1. Overture: Adam's Theme
  2. Story Of Pain
  3. No Tears
  4. The Tempter
  5. The Healing: Part I
  6. Streets Of Violence
  7. The Healing: Part II
  8. Temple Of Doom
  9. The Mass
  10. Twilight Zone
  11. Walking On Fire
Factory Of Art - The Tempter
Package of CCP Records. SHADOWCAST. Mhm. FACTORY OF ART. Mhm. Eh, what? FACTORY OF ART on CCP? THE FACTORY OF ART? The ones with the "Grasp!!!"-CD on AFM a few years back? Exactly them!

CCP normally is better known for the Gothic/Death/Black-stuff, a bit progressive Power Metal definitely is not the main focus of the Austrians and FACTORY OF ART are just that! After the instrumental overture (not the usual intro, but a real song) "Story Of Pain" kicks off really powerful, sounding damn familiar… After wrecking my brain for some time I finally remembered - the "Unerhört!"-Sampler of the "Rock Hard"-magazine! Exactly there it's been on!

Altogether they have, though, taken out the "power" from the Metal and are rather mid-paced, middle-heavy, a bit progressive, which definitely is not a bad thing looking at the plethora of Power Metal-bands nowadays. Even more as they manage the mix between heavy and progressive passages very well and have some own identity even, even though not all that glitters is gold.

Fans of Power Metal, Progressive Metal and also Melodic Metal should check it out! (Online July 22, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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