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Those Endless Eyes - Awaits Behind (7,5/10) - Argentina - 2006

Genre: Gothic Metal / Black Metal
Label: Icarus Music
Playing time: 50:17
Band homepage: Those Endless Eyes


  1. The Frankness Of Your Eyes
  2. Forever Gone
  3. Fear >mp3
  4. A Few Words
  5. My Time
  6. Winds Of Desolation >mp3
  7. Winter Lights
  8. The Rose Won't Sing Anymore
  9. I'll Need You Her
Those Endless Eyes - Awaits Behind

Argentina isn’t exactly among the Metal superpowers of this world, which does not mean that it can’t spawn good bands. Formed in 1998 under the name of ENDLESS, THOSE ENDLESS EYES now release their debut album, and I have to say that the Argentineans did a great job.


The band focuses a lot on atmosphere, even though they incorporated some Black Metal passages every now and then, so the keyboards always are an important part of the album. With the Black Metal-oriented songs such as “Forever Gone” or “Winds Of Desolation” the band is very similar to GRAVEWORM, even though the keys are more to the fore than they are with the Italians. Unfortunately, one fault is the fact that they partly didn’t put a lot of effort into the production, al least that’s the impression you get, since the keyboards sound rather crappy and weak in some passages, according to the motto “At least they are audible”.


The Argentinean sextet can also produce other notes, which is proved impressively by “My Time” or “I’ll Need You Here”. Vocalist Klara Stini gets to present her voice here. I have to give her credit for not trying to reach heights she cannot reach, so the gives the songs a special atmosphere. The afore-mentioned “I’ll Need You Here” is a beautiful piano ballad, to me it is the highlight of the album, they partly sing in a duet here, where vocalist Daniel Figueredo shows that he can do more than just shrieking.


All in all, this is a solid album, however some of the keyboard melodies can still be improved, but fans of Gothic Metal of the not that depressive kind should be satisfied here.

(Online October 24, 2006)

Daniel Lödl

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