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Seven Stitches - The Face Alone Does Not Reveal The Man (6/10) - Portugal - 2006

Genre: Progressive Extreme Metal
Label: Recital Records
Playing time: 41:59
Band homepage: Seven Stitches


  1. The World Its For Sale
  2. Reality Has A Dark Side
  3. Confront The Fear Of Being Different
  4. Wall Of A Fortress
  5. Down The Earth
Seven Stitches - The Face Alone Does Not Reveal The Man

Off-the-wall Prog Power Thrash or something? Portugalís SEVEN STITCHES offer an indigestive brew thatís both angry and slightly chaotic. Lots of technical breaks somewhat interrupt the flow, but they are able to play, thatís beyond doubt.


Stylistically, they are somewhere between INTO ETERNITY and SADUS with a slight inclination towards madness.  Hysterical screams a la ANACRUSIS can be heard as well. But who is supposed to consume this off-the-wall music? Criticsí darlings? Itís a fact that there are some really neat passages to be found, but as a whole, this thing is just too hard to digest to really get into itÖ

(Online October 31, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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