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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - RUNEMAGICK - Invocation Of Magick

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Runemagick - Invocation Of Magick (8/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Doom Metal / Death Metal
Label: Aftermath Music
Playing time: 69.55
Band homepage: Runemagick


  1. Preludium Apocalypsis
  2. Invocation Of Doom Runes >mp3
  3. Black Magick Sorceress
  4. Fisher Of Souls
  5. Lower Worlds
  6. The Devils (Imperium Magnum Infernalis) >mp3
  7. Conjuration Of The Black Shape
  8. Witchcraft Gateways
Runemagick - Invocation Of Magick

This is a demanding album. Not only is it epic in length at nearly 70 minutes, the whole structure and atmosphere of RUNEMAGICK’s music lets you undergo the feeling of taking a day trip into a parallel world, a world where time flows different – slower that is. Hence before undergoing this experience you need time, patience and a place to relax, if not chances are it’ll drive you crazy.


The ambient parts that start and end this album are synonymous with entering this parallel, fantasy world and then when the guitars enter the soundscape you suddenly feel overwhelmed, a feeling that will last. Long, very long guitar passages filled with crushing heavy and slow riffs build an incredible sincere atmosphere of doom both depressing but also very epic, somehow RUNEMAGICK really knows how to fit their music to the imagery they create with song titles and such. Once the riffs have established enough of a constant atmosphere the band starts to add some subtle variety, usually very melodic yet perfectly fitting their aesthetic. Often it is little guitar hooks and melodies that expand the atmosphere, but most effective are the keyboards. Sometimes they’re barely noticeable behind the wall of guitars but it doesn’t matter for the effect is even better then. At other times the keys become more prominent which in turn leads to downright beautiful passages.


Finally the other two things that are important on “Invocation Of Magick” are the drums and vocals. The drums are pretty simple and of course slow played, this enables you to easily notice the differences in the drumming but more importantly emphasizes the heavy character of the music. The vocals then are scarce, which is good because it leaves enough room for the guitars to evolve into their captivating sound. However whenever there are vocals, the extreme and deep growl adds a very hateful touch to the music.


Let one thing be clear however; the type as well as the length of this album makes it difficult to listen to, just as this was difficult for me to review. It will not be liked by all and only those who seek a very heavy, repetitive and slow kind of Doom Metal should listen to RUNEMAGICK, although I expect that many already did. I know I won’t listen to this album a lot and also know that it will be rewarding when I do. Take your time and perhaps eventually you’ll discover the beautiful subtleties…

(Online November 4, 2006)

Milan Elkerbout

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