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12 tablatures for December Wolves

December Wolves - Blasterpiece Theatre (8,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 41:11
Band homepage: December Wolves


  1. Warning
  2. Desperately Seeking Satan
  3. April Fools Day
  4. Do Not Entry
  5. Kolobos
  6. Porn Against Christian
  7. Public Aquarian Freebase
  8. Solid Gold Beating
  9. Sharing Needles
  10. Disclaimer
  11. Kill… Again
December Wolves - Blasterpiece Theatre
Normally, when you speak about Black Metal, you imagine brave Norwegians, dressed in leather, wearing three tons of make-up on their face, and drinking in the forest of putting fire to a church. With DECEMBER WOLVES, you will imagine fat Americans wearing short pants, in the middle of an horrible suburban area, putting fire to cars and shooting young hip-hoppers with their Kalachnikov.

But that's still Black Metal we're talking about here, but some kind of futurist Black Metal, where the machines and samples would have their role, and where violence would be particularly intense. "Blasterpiece Theatre", with its precise riffs à la MYRKSKOG, is a real bulldozer that will crush you and incrust you in the pavement. It is fucking violent from A to Z, with a very hateful voice, and also samples or industrial loops that are as cold and precise as a surgeon would be.

Completely fucked up, and of course completely excellent! If Terminator was listening to Black Metal, he'd a pure groupie of DECEMBER WOLVES… (Online July 25, 2002)

Thomas Bonnicel

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