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21 tablatures for Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry (9,5/10) - USA - 1984

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Atlantic
Playing time: 37:09
Band homepage: Twisted Sister


  1. Stay Hungry
  2. We're Not Gonna Take It
  3. Burn In Hell
  4. Horror Teria
  5. I Wanna Rock
  6. The Price
  7. Don't Let Me Down
  8. The Beast
  9. S.M.F
Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry

If “Stay Hungry” isn’t a Heavy Metal classic then there is no such thing. Even though the band looked even more horrible and gay, than KISS ever did, they at least made music rather than circus. I don’t know what’s happening in the TWISTED SISTER camp at the moment but I know they re-released “Stay Hungry” not long ago under the name “Still Hungry”. I’m pretty sure it was a re-recording of the whole album. Pretty damn unnecessary if you ask me, even more so than THE CROWN’s re-recording of “Crowned In Terror”, released as “Crowned Unholy”. I don’t know what the kinky sisters felt to change as I have close to nothing to complain about, other than the band photos that are. I wonder why they felt the need to dress up this way; the 80’s wasn’t an entirely healthy age. Even though the band photos don’t look good I think the cover art on “Stay Hungry” is classic as well. When I first saw it fascinated me due to its graphic and violent nature. Please remember that I was very young when I first encountered the album.


By today’s standards and my current preferences, TWISTED SISTER is not an extreme act, not at all. But back in the days the story was a bit different. They certainly stirred up some controversy and where even dragged to court because of their lyrical content. If you’ve seen “A Headbangers Journey” you know what I’m talking about. I remember DISMEMBER facing court in England because of their cover art as well. And some might also remember that both Ozzy Osbourne and JUDAS PRIEST have been in court, both accused for people ending their own miserable lives. A wonder they didn’t sue the maker of both weapon and bullets at the same time. Isn’t it great to live in a part of the world which holds the freedom of speech as a holy doctrine? In my opinion the Iranian president is a lot more sane than most of the Western leaders. Fuck all of you hypocrites.


To escape this world of hypocrites and sometimes yourself, it’s great to have albums such as “Stay Hungry” to ease your mind with. Quality Metal has a soothing effect on a restless soul. Songs like “Stay Hungry”, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, “Burn In Hell” and “I Wanna Rock” are all timeless classics but I have no problems placing the whole album in that category as well. “The Price” is a good ballad that doesn’t sound as gay as the band pictures makes you assume. “Horror Teria” is a longer, more epic track, which is split in a two parts, a and b. Part a is named “Captain Howdy” and b is “Street Justice”. Both parts are very good, though I’m not sure I entirely understand the decision to put both parts into one song instead of making two separate tracks out of them.


All in all “Stay Hungry” holds a great variety. At times they sound like early IRON MAIDEN, others more like MOTÖRHEAD, but first and foremost they sound like no one else. In my opinion TWISTED SISTER hasn’t released any classic albums besides “Stay Hungry”, though I have to admit that I like large parts of their music. I even like “Love Is For Suckers”, “Wake Up The Sleeping Giant” is a favourite of mine. Take a look at the cover on this album; can it be more none Metal? Oh, I forgot POISON.


Since this is a well known album I don’t feel for elaborating any more of the details. This is a classic Metal album either you like it or not.

(Online November 4, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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