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6 tablatures for Devourment

Corporal Raid/Devourment/Negligent Collateral Collapse/Screaming Afterbirth - United States Of Goregrind (7/10) - Italy/USA/Czech Republic - 2005

Genre: Goregrind
Label: Meat 5000
Playing time: 39:01
Band homepage: -
Band homepage: Devourment
Band homepage: Negligent Collateral Collapse
Band homepage: Screaming Afterbirth


Negligent Collateral Collapse

  1. If It's Mental Oxd 1545b9b It Can't Be Physical Oxd1d171b12, If It's Physical Oxbcf572c It Can't Be Mental Oxfd607fa3
  2. Neurotransmitter / Bunch Of H2O Molecules In A Liquid Form
  3. Ensemble h(p) = 0.(1.5-(p+1/2p2) + 0.05sin2 (pi(1-p)1.8) + Classifiers
  4. Machine-Learning Research I(P,N) =log2 [s]-([P]/[S]log2 [P] – ([N]/[S] log2 [N])

Corporal Raid

  1. Auto-Regression Or Self-Progress
  2. Global Lobotomy
  3. Utopic Unknown Being
  4. Accelerated Existence
  5. Vision Of Equal Psychosis
  6. Limited Normality
  7. Reach The Uncontrolled
  8. Random Activity
  9. Gateways Of Distorted Sub-Reality Addicted To Chaotic Paranoia
  10. Forced Alienation

Screaming Afterbirth

  1. You're In Urine >mp3
  2. Infectious Erection Injections
  3. Blood Supply (Squash Bowels Cover)


  1. Autoerotic Asphyxiation
  2. Babykiller
Corporal Raid - United States Of Goregrind

More Goregrind then and my last for this batch of reviews. First things first, a big fuck off to NCC for me having to laboriously type out those daft song titles. I was going to say fuck it but we're all perfectionists on here are we not? It's a good job their four contributions stand up to scrutiny and are probably the jizz de la jizz of this Goregrind gang bang.


This genre is one of the best for lessons in extremity and whilst some within it churn out puerile tosh, this cacophonous quartet have that set stare of seriousness that tells you this is not a bullshit session. Though the inner and cover contradict each other as far as playing order is concerned, it's NEGLIGENT COLLATERAL COLLAPSE that kick off with deadly intent. Don't be fooled by the folk intro with it's sorrowful violin and tweeting female vocals, the wolf waits behind the door. NCC actually start off in restrained fashion before letting the main riff crash in, from then on it's a case of four home made IODs with short fuses. The vocals evoke Mr Wolf being strangled mid growl so that all the volume is forced out from the belly. Their third track (you can bollocks if you think I'm typing it out again,) is an absolute killer and contains the universal Extreme Metal riff within it, you know the one, it'll fit in any Grind, Black or Death song and sounds like a cascade of entrails, sheet ice or 500lb bombs dependent on the genre. In this case it rips you from any complacency and will have you turning your bedroom upside down looking for your air guitar. All of NCC's tracks are solid business like Grind and all deserved of your attention.


On to the minute men. CORPORAL RAID take the baton running and fling a fit, sounding a damned sight more deranged than their cohesive predecessors. Ten short sharp bursts that pass by like cruise missiles along a city street, there is some serious snare abuse going on here as well as some bloke trying to self project his larynx into the middle of next week. Suitably distorted guitars of the six and the four judder along like a pneumatic drill into concrete. Each track is like a mayfly, as soon as it finds its wings, it's dead already. You don't have time to get into a track, but if you clear your mind and just let these songs fill it with inevitably stark images, then the job gets done, skull splitting guaranteed.


Then it's SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH who thump in the groove with some right heavy pounding and the best vocal performance of the lot, ranging from the utterly unintelligible cookie monster growls to in your face ranting. Their tracks are full of racing fury and anvils in your boots stomping. Drumming by Blasty McBlast is the icing on the cake as he alternates between all out attack and some fine 1, 2, fuck you, Punk drumming. The guitar sound is a joy here too, having a slight roundness to the riffs for full upstart effect. (Not) Nice...


DEVOURMENT bring it all to an end with some perky uber distortion that varies between a deep trudging and full on fuzz outs. Probably the ugliest tracks on the split, nonetheless they possess Shrek-like charm, quite martial at times but just as likely to go AWOL. “Babykiller” bounces along like an elephant on a tightrope, the spring of something seriously heavy here would seriously test the strength of your floorboards and they win the sinister badge despite not being the most brutal of the bunch (though certainly the most Neanderthal.)


Any of these beasties is worthy of your attention, who the more so depends on your taste within the genre. Worth looking up before the wildlife police find them and stick them in a zoo.

(Online November 2, 2006)

Niall MacCartney

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