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Plan E - Bassonova (8/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Avantgarde Rock / Ambient Rock
Label: My Kingdom Music
Playing time: 41:15
Band homepage: Plan E


  1. Come Hell And High Water
  2. The Self-Destruction Button
  3. El Gusano Rojo
  4. Love Is The Key
  5. Remember The Future
  6. Mexplorer >mp3
  7. Separate Ways
  8. Omission
  9. Loneliness Is A Loaded Gun
  10. City In The Garden
Plan E - Bassonova

Before I was writing this review I had no idea in which category the new album of PLAN E could fit. Their previous album was marked as Avantgarde by themselves but on their homepage, they circumscribe their style as Dark Rock. Their new album "Bassonova" is then labelled as Psychedelic Dark Music and I must say that this is the most fitting term.


"Bassonova" is the already fourth album of the guys around Jani Lehtosaari (ex-IMPALED NAZARENE) and this album title is very suitable because PLAN E consist to 60% of bass players, while the rest of the band consists of a keyboarder and a drummer. The band invited two another bassists as guests for this album, so what has to be expect on "Bassonova" with altogether five bass players?


PLAN E have a gloomy yet calm atmosphere, accompanied by synthies or even a organ. Jani's deep vocals are omnipresent and they give the songs a certain touch. Just listen to "Remember The Future" with its jazzy beginning; the vocals there are perfectly introduced and complete the songs, while this song has also a clarinet to offer. "Remember The Future" is also the best song on this album with its rather uncommon instruments, the organ and that rather heavier ending.


Even after some spins it's not easy to compare PLAN E with another band because the sound of this Finish band is very unique, while the cover artwork reminds of ANATHEMA's "Eternity" album but instead of the angel within the universe one can see a baby with a bass.


I have to say that "Bassonova" is clearly the best album on My Kingdom Music but if you prefer more guitars, you will probably be disappointed because there are no guitars in it. Turn up the bass.

(Online November 5, 2006)

Daniel Lödl

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