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Into The Gore - Pain Must Be Amplified (7/10) - Greece - 2002

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: Metal Age Productions
Playing time: 28:29
Band homepage: Into The Gore


  1. Where It All Gets Down To
  2. Cleanse The Slime
  3. I Am Flesh
  4. Deceased
  5. Decadence Of God's Creation
  6. Blood Scum Dead
  7. Raw
  8. Sincarnated Abominations
  9. Violence To Violence
  10. The Sound Of The Inevitable
Into The Gore - Pain Must Be Amplified
Ok, it's time for some holiday work now! So, which English band was the first one to play Gore Death/Grind and get some success? CARCASS, congratulations! All the ones who answered right to this question are now authorised to lacerate their face with a rusty spoon.

Now that it's done, I'm going to amplify your pain by making you listen to INTO THE GORE, a Greek band of Grind/Death influenced by? CARCASS, era "Necroticism", congratulations! If you have found again, you can lacerate another time. Else, too bad, you had to use your weak brain, there was a reason why I had mentioned CARCASS earlier. So here are ten tracks that will please the elder ones, all the more that the sound is quite old school too!

Normal, in Greece they are used to recording Black Metal or gay stuff (this is gonna make people love me even more), so there's no way they can give a modern sound to a Death/Grind-album. That's it, what else can be said but that a copy is never better than the original, and that the tribute to CARCASS is cooler than this album? Really for the nostalgic ones, and the ones collecting morgue pictures.

Thomas Bonnicel

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