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Lyzanxia - Unsu (8,5/10) - France - 2006

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 49:37
Band homepage: Lyzanxia


  1. Wise Counselor
  2. Path Blade >mp3
  3. Ache Power Control
  4. Early Phases
  5. Strength Core
  6. Bled Out
  7. Unsu
  8. X-Modification
  9. Tedium
  10. Answer Fields
  11. Ascention
  12. Defensive Heart
Lyzanxia - Unsu

Four years ago, this French four piece delivered “Mindcrimes”. It was their debut that delivered crushing blows from top to bottom. While this was good Thrash Metal and received numerous critical acclaims including myself, this album went unnoticed. Perhaps it was due to the lack of distro. Now, they have signed with Listenable and this should do the trick. Right from the get go “Wise Counselor” goes for the jugular and refuses to let go with it’s relentless heavy Thrash riffs and heavy pounding wrapped up by lethal vocal screams that can wilt flowers. Fast and technical is the way the boys like it here and it’s damn good.


“Path Blade” adds groove, clean vocals and more devastation to the mix. Harmony singing is thrown into the mix during the choruses of “Early Phases” which adds for greater depth. The creative juices never stop flowing as the guys manage to add a touch of catchiness with “Strength Core”, but refusing to wimp out. Electronic elements are piled into the mix as well for a good balance that refuses to get old and tiring. At the same time, by using the same ingredients as say FEAR FACTORY they don’t sound anything alike. With the Thrash scene on the rise again, more and more bands are trying to get the recognition that past folks like KREATOR, SODOM and such have accumulated over the years. LYZANXIA is not only waiting in the wings to receive such praises, but can prove time and time again that they are THE SHIT! I think that they were slightly over looked last time around, but that hasn’t bogged them down and the time is now to invest your time, effort and money into this machine that won’t let the fans down.

(Online November 5, 2006)

Joe Florez

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