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Eidolon - Nightmare World (10/10) - Canada - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 53:17
Band homepage: Eidolon


  1. Nightmare World
  2. Noctem Aeternus (Eternal Night)
  3. Lunar Mission
  4. Eye Of Illusion
  5. Repulsion
  6. Majestic Interlude
  7. Fortress Of Red
  8. Glorified Suicide
  9. Dreamscape
Eidolon - Nightmare World
Finally!!! After "Zero Hour" and "Seven Spirits" the band has shown mercy and releases their third album "Nightmare World". EIDOLON are among those bands that are focussing more on varied riffing, different tempi and musical demand than the stupid string-frenzy of most of the so-called "True Metal"-formations. This band is HEAVY METAL in the truest sense of the words!

The nine songs offer a lot of variety, although the major part is rather slow- to mid-paced. The opener "Nightmare World" breaks through with a riff-thunderstorm par excellence, while the structure of songs like "Noctem Aeternus" or "Lunar Mission" (guaranteed a future live-classic) are just plainly awesome. Balladesque beginning, increase of speed, great breaks and still accessible melody-lines and choruses that just stick to your ear.

Speed-parts la SLAYER (middle-part of "Eye Of Illusion" and "Fortress Of Red") can be found just like doomy riffs ("Repulsion" and "Glorified Suicide"), which remind of long-gone CANDLEMASS. But that all is nothing compared to "Dreamscape", this song alone is worth buying this CD. The awesome riffs, complex breaks, induced Hammond-organ-sounds and ingenious solos (Glen Drover is part of KING DIAMOND's band) are just incredible. Even vocalist Brian Soulard, who cannot fully hold the standard of his fellow-musicians and still is better than the majority of so-called vocalists of this time, excels in the calm middle-part, which he shares with his girl-friend Adrianna Marcucci.

For me a hot candidate for the title of "album of the year". Get out and get it!

Charly Kogler

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