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Path Of Golconda - The Threshold Diaries (7,5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 45:57
Band homepage: Path Of Golconda


  1. Metropolis Rotting >mp3
  2. Serpent Gate
  3. Sunset And The Falling Leaves
  4. Catafalque
  5. Promises In Stone And Fire
  6. Another Hell Unearthed
  7. Foul Winds Through Utopia
  8. Stabbing Love Into Her
  9. Those Pale, Grey Shrouds
  10. Between God And Gutter
Path Of Golconda - The Threshold Diaries

After reading some information on this bands homepage I learned that Golconda should be a well known name for those playing role-plays. It’s referred to both as a state of mind and a city, a city where vampires and other such misfortunate creatures live. If you want to learn more about the meaning behind their band name you should visit their homepage as I don’t the topic overly interesting. I don’t like role plays, never did and never will and it doesn’t seem like any of the members in PATH OF GOLCONDA do either, though perhaps they once did. This certainly isn’t the case nowadays, as it is clearly stated that none of the members gives a flying fuck about such activities.


PATH OF GOLCONDA began their career in 1999, releasing two full lengths since. Their first album was an unorthodox way of starting a recording career as it was a live album. I know it has been done before but anyway it’s not the usual way of doing things. More bands should play live before releasing any albums. It could be just talent but the 7 years PATH OF GOLCONDA has been in existence has certainly made them into competent musicians. They won’t conquer the technical Death Metal throne anytime soon but they write better songs than a big percentage of them bands.


The best way I can describe the music of PATH OF GOLCONDA is Death Metal with more melancholy than aggression. “The Threshold Diaries” won’t satisfy those who want their Death Metal with lots of blasts and gory lyrics. I’m not saying that PATH OF GOLCONDA is a mellow act because they are as far from gay Death Metal as they are from the Neanderthal variant. In today’s “Death Metal” scene it’s common to have catchy choruses, clean vocals and happy melodies; in my opinion bands doing such things shouldn’t be called Death Metal. On the other hand I have no problems putting PATH OF GOLCONDA in said genre. Even though they are not preoccupied with ripping entrails from a virgin’s cunt they have credibility.


On The Metal Archives PATH OF GOLCONDA is listed as a Death/Black Metal band, a genre definition I’m not fully supporting. Apart from some Black Metal influenced vocals I have problems finding anything else that reminds me of said genre. Talking about vocals, I think they are pretty damn good whether it’s the Death or Black Metal variant being used, though I have to admit that I like the grunts the most.


The most impressing part about “The Threshold Diaries” is that it is a self release, at least originally. That didn’t hinder them from getting Andy Classen to take care of the production, I suspect this gang to be a bit wealthier than the average Metal band. Even though they have a well know producer on board doesn’t mean that they ended up with a polished and slick production. It sounds professional but still a bit underground. Apart from the poor old bass guitar every instruments has been given a good placing. It seems like Andy hates the bass guitar along with most producers. But anyway I think that PATH OF GOLCONDA should be proud of being able to release such a fine album without the help of a label. Numerous bands with a record deal sounds awful when compared to this band, way too many.


Very roughly PATH OF GOLCONDA sounds like KATATONIA did on their “Brave, Murder, Day” album. In fact they are miles away from being a carbon copy but at times there is no denying that some of the guitar work sounds very similar to that found on said album. Of course they also share the melancholy before aggression approach, something which is valid for greater parts of “The Threshold Diaries”. In fact I have problems coming up with other band that sounds like PATH OF GOLCONDA, most likely because my knowledge about their kind of Death Metal isn’t the best.


If you like Death Metal that has matured past zombies and bowels there is no reason why you shouldn’t take a listen to this band. Take your time and download “Metropolis Rotting” if this review made you curious.

(Online November 8, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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