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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - INSISION - Beneath The Folds Of Flesh

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Insision - Beneath The Folds Of Flesh (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Wicked World
Playing time: 29:48
Band homepage: Insision


  1. World Impaled
  2. Trapped Within
  3. Sado God
  4. Temple Of Flesh
  5. Rewind Into Chaos
  6. Impaniiz Graa
  7. My Fever >mp3
  8. Before My Altar
  9. Ex Oblivione
Insision - Beneath The Folds Of Flesh

I’m the sort of guy that never let go of things, so here I go again. Many people seem to have this strange view on the Swedish Death Metal scene. They seem to think that the whole scene consists of mellow acts performing out washed Melodic Death Metal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is indeed a whole lot of Swedish Death Metal bands that shouldn’t even be called Death Metal, no doubt about it, but after all it’s people like me who label them as such. But there aren’t only such bands in Sweden, not even close. There are a whole lot of musicians who hate melodies and worship chaos and brutality instead, just like INSISION does. REGURGITATE, DERANGED, MURDER SQUAD, MURDER CORPORATION, VOMITORY, AEON, KILLAMAN, BIRDFLESH, NASUM and JIGSAW TERROR, among others, are all examples of brutal, or at least filthy, Swedish Death Metal. At least take a listen to all of these bands before you start whining about the Swedish Death Metal scene. IN FLAMES has turned rather shitty and commercial but that doesn’t count for the rest of the scene, at least not the whole of it.


Sweden is still home to one of the best Metal scenes there is, period.


So, my rant has come to end. Let me inform you a bit about INSISION. First of all I can tell you that the band name is a typo, an intended one if memory serves me. The correct way to write it is of course incision. Grammar aside, what’s important here is INSISION. Next year will see the band celebrating their 10th anniversary. Closing in on a decade of existence they have released only two full-lengths, though in total they have 8 releases on their backs. INSISION is indeed a band that has fought their way through to get their albums released on a label. After their first demo they got hooked up by a record label called Heathendoom Music, a label that only managed to hold on the band for one release, namely the EP called “The Dead Live On”. After that encounter it was back to demos for INSISION, demos and splits that is. Count yourself lucky if you have one of the splits INSISION participated on because they are all released on fanatically obscure record labels. It wasn’t before Wicked World showed interest and eventually signed them, that they had the support of a professional label. Now they are on their own again.


The first song I ever heard of this band was “Before My Altar”, a song that can be found on this very album. It’s safe to say that I was blown away. I haven’t heard squat about the band beforehand, not expecting anything. Let me tell you that the goose bumps weren’t far away in that instance. “Before My Altar” is still my favourite song from “Beneath The Folds Of Flesh” but the rest of the album should not be overlooked. You, dear reader, have the opportunity to download another great song from this album, namely “My Fever”. Please download it before reading any further.


If you are not acquainted with the ultra guttural and brutal side of Death Metal this band will probably be too much for you. For an untrained, or unwilling, ear this album sure will sound only like one big rumble. I have sympathy for that viewpoint but I don’t agree to it. To like a band such as INSISION you have to be more than just a brief fan of the genre. If you are you will hear that INSISION is more than a rumble, hell, one can even hear the bass guitar on this album. Another factor that will tip many off is the ultra guttural growls or Mr. Birath, I guess they will tip some in as well. Unlike many other bands performing this kind of Death Metal there is no (over)use of harmonizers on the vocals. He neither sounds like a pig nor like he is drowning, gurgling all the way to the bottom. He sounds more like a demon, or at least a possessed human being. Since I’ve haven’t met either demons or people possessed by them I would like to stress that I’m only assuming here. The bottom line is that the vocals sound absolutely wicked, violent and bowel induced.


To the great pleasure of some I would like to inform everybody that the production on “Beneath The Folds Of Flesh” is a rather gritty one. It’s not gritty as in BEHERIT OR DARKTHRONE gritty, more real powerful with an unpolished feel. And the greatest thing about it is that it captures the spirit of the music brilliantly. This is filthy music so a filthy production serves the music perfect. On their latest release, “Revealed And Worshipped”, the sound is much clearer. I’m not sure what I think about that album yet but my temporarily verdict is a mild disappointment. Time could change that.


In my opinion INSISION gives us half an hour of prima brutal Death Metal. This is a band that Unmatched Brutality should sign if they intend to raise the quality and not just the brutality of their portfolio. If you can stomach lots of blasts, abrupt tempo changes, death worshipping etc, there is no reason to wait. I hope you have downloaded the mp3 already.

(Online November 11, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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