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Darzamat - Transkarpatia (6/10) - Poland - 2005

Genre: Black Metal / Gothic Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 50:19
Band homepage: Darzamat


  1. Sanguinarius, Inhumatus And Araneum - Intro  
  2. Vampiric Prose >mp3
  3. Hallucinations
  4. Inhumatus  
  5. The Burning Times >mp3
  6. Letter To Hell
  7. Blackward
  8. Recurring Yell
  9. Araneum  
  10. Labyrinth Of Anxiety >mp3
  11. Virus
  12. The Old Form Of Worship
  13. Tempted By Rot
  14. Tribute To...
Darzamat - Transkarpatia

The Poles from DARZAMAT have been on the road for 11 years already, but still only at their fourth complete album: “Transkarpatia”. The first two albums have been very interesting melodic Black Metal with some keyboard, before turning to almost pure Gothic Rock/Metal with “Oniriad” and losing their record deal with the Italian label Wounded Love.


In the years between they have apparently come to the conclusion that they should develop their own past and find the lost connection to the first two records. “Transkarpatia” sees them in the regions of Gothic Black Metal and how is the quality? Could they find the connection or are they just chasing their own shadows?


The picture is dominated by keyboard-supported Black Metal with Gothic influences and alternating screechy and female vocals, which more or less sums up the album. All that has been working fine on “In The Flames Of Black Art” or “In The Opium Of Black Veil”, is not present here anymore, a loss of class and originality and leaves the listener unimpressed, because even if they are varying the tempo between the songs, the whole album still comes through as too uniform.


The production is ok, mostly because of the mix and mastering of Andy LaRocque, but “Transkarpatia” proves that that is not enough when the songs don’t hold enough class. I am disappointed, it is not that bad, but rather the grey average. (Online September 17, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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