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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - MUCUPURULENT - Bloodstained Blues

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Mucupurulent - Bloodstained Blues (6/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Death'N'Roll
Label: Morbid Records
Playing time: 39:48
Band homepage: Mucupurulent


  1. St. Anus
  2. Lycanthrope
  3. Hell Is Here
  4. Leon
  5. Evil Rejects
  6. Bloodstained Blues >mp3
  7. Ocb/Rips
  8. My Own Misery
  9. Total Blockade Eye
  10. Torn To Pieces II
  11. Cut Under The Left Eye
  12. Menschenfeind
Mucupurulent - Bloodstained Blues

There is no denying that this album starts out shitty, really shitty. Or could it get any shittier than a man taking a dump? That’s exactly what we are treated to; a treasure for all scat fans out there. If nothing else it is at least a rather original, I won’t say refreshing, start of an album. If you’re familiar with NATTEFROST you probably heard the samples where Nattefrost pukes and takes a piss, aptly named “Nattefrost Takes A Piss”. These two samples don’t occur in the same song but both of them can be found on “Blood&Vomit”. I recommend the album dearly if you are up for some fucked up Rock’N Roll induced Black Metal. The shit sequence made me think of “Blood&Vomit” and since I think it is a very good piece of music I felt for recommending it. I hope this justifies my digression.


MUCUPURULENT doesn’t mean shit according to my dictionary, which is a pretty immense one by the way. It doesn’t sound like a German word either so I’m suspecting this band for making up one hell of an ugly word. Sounds like shit to me. If the word means anything please feel free to enlighten me. I’ll continue this review by educating you about the music and history of MUCUPURULENT.


And a history this band certainly has. They started out in 1995, releasing a demo the same year. That is their only demo but they have participated on 3 splits as well, which in a way can be seen as sort of a demo. The main bulk of their releases, however, are full-lengths, a total of 4 to be exact. It’s hard to believe my eyes right now but on The Metal Archives they are listed with no former members, indicating that there have been no line-up problems for all these years. I’m sure that has to be something like a world record.


Judging from the title of this album one could easily assume that there would be some Blues shit on display here, that’s not the case. The band themselves calls their music Grind’n Roll, I don’t think they hit the spot themselves either. For me it sounds more like down tuned Death Metal with a slight Rock’n Roll feel, Death’n Roll one could say. Though not played in the same vein as ENTOMBED; the reason why I’m mentioning them is because I’ve seen their music dubbed as Death’n Roll as well. There is a lot more Death Metal on “Bloodstained Blues” than there is to be found on any of the later ENTOMBED recordings. More Death Metal doesn’t necessarily mean a better product, as I find “Bloodstained Blues” to be of lesser quality than any ENTOMBED album I’ve heard. In the same breath I would like to say that “Bloodstained Blues” is far from the worst attempt at Death’n Roll there is, far from.


The best part of “Bloodstained Blues” is the guitar sound. Fat, crunchy and heavy; in fact the sound is so good that even I would manage to make a decent riff out of it. Fortunately there are more than just decent riffs to be found on this piece of plastic, unfortunately there aren’t (m)any spectacular ones. For all I know fans of this specific genre might leap up these riffs as manna from the heavens - bad choice of word – but I’m a tough nail and aren’t easily impressed. If you are such a fan don’t forget to download what is offered to you, in this case the title track.


The worst part of “Bloodstained Blues” is in my opinion the vocals. They aren’t bad per se but the variation is almost non existent. In my opinion the vocals makes the songs sound very much alike, sometimes on the brink of killing the riffs completely. This guy growls pretty much the same way on every god damn riff, which in my opinion makes the riffs themselves sound weaker than they are. Since I like my reviews to be nuanced I feel obliged to hand out a little bit of kudos to him as well. At least the guy isn’t using a harmonizer to reach his impressively deep growl.


I have no problems digesting the music at display but it’s not an album I will listen to frequently after my review of it has come to an end. MUCUPURULENT is more good than bad so I would like to give them a recommendation. The band harbours both filth and groove and should be checked out if you enjoy your Death Metal slow and sludgy.

(Online November 20, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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