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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - CREATIVE WASTE - Colonies

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Creative Waste - Colonies (7/10) - Saudi Arabia - 2005

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 12:37
Band homepage: Creative Waste


  1. God Of Excrement
  2. Monstrosity
  3. Saturation In Oblivion
  4. Reverend Palmers Was A Good Man
  5. Autopsy Infringement
Creative Waste - Colonies

What a fucking racket!


Good news then, CREATIVE WASTE steam in with some pounding Grindcore that has been dredged, nice and fresh, from the sewer. Downtuned and heavy, these tracks bludgeon without a hint of finesse, earache being the primary purpose, what's more you can download the lot from their website.


Originality has been blindfolded, tied over a barrel and sodomised with a pineapple, the resulting Pina Colonada makes up for it in sheer enthusiasm and so these five short, sharp shocks will induce a daft grin. Distortion rules the day and the production just about keeps it under control despite the rabid execution. Fast without too much blast, there is plenty of groove keeping these tracks buoyant as they get dragged out to sea on a rip tide. Pummelling percussion gets blurred in the mush but is all the better for it, we are not looking for and do not want crisp and clear here, more like swift and bleargh.


The say goodbye to your larynx vocals are suitably gruff with the necessary soupçon of derangement to gob out the lyrics. Of which, they avoid any puerile tosh and concentrate on creating the necessary emphasis without resorting to kiddie gore or pervo porn. CREATIVE WASTE are serious about presenting their wares here without any distraction and so “Colonies” is a business-like affair which though enjoyable, stills stands no nonsense. Sometimes the production does obscure some of what the band belts out, so that the snare abuse during “Saturation In Oblivion,” for example, has to be listened for. Of course some bands sound better with fog of war obfuscation and CREATIVE WASTE fall flat into that particular pat.


Most of the tracks run to a maximum of two and a half minutes but closer “Autopsy Infringement” pushes the boat out to over five. Giving themselves more space suits the band here, allowing themselves more range, the heavy artillery let loose at the beginning is soon replaced by rocket salvoes and a chainsaw in the dark lead riff soon follows that. Dropping pace to a sinister fade out, the band show they are capable of more than just rush and rumble.


A canny cacophony that shows that oil ain't the only thing toxic and sticky to come out of Saudi Arabia. (Online September 21, 2006)

Niall MacCartney

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