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TT Quick - Metal Of Honor (7,5/10) - USA - 1986

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 35:01
Band homepage: TT Quick


  1. Metal Of Honor
  2. Front Burner
  3. Hard As A Rock
  4. Child Of Sin
  5. Asleep At The Wheel
  6. Come Beat The Band
  7. Hell To Pay
  8. Queen Of The Scene
  9. Glad All Over
  10. Siren Song
TT Quick - Metal Of Honor

The debut album of T.T.QUICK offered luscious steam hammer Rock. The music is/was not that spectacular, but who likes honest, hand-made music that is a mix of AC/DC, MOTÖRHEAD and THE RODS is doing nothing wrong with “Metal Of Honor”. And with vocalist Mark Tornillo they had a real animal in petto. The guy sounds like a mixture of Jonathan K. (ex-Q5, NIGHTSHADE), David Wayne (ex-METAL CHURCH, R.I.P.) and Ted Bullet (Thunderhead). Such a filthy killer-voice that could pulverize walls of concrete at its best moments. With such a voice even average tracks turn into a sensation.


As I already stated the music is quite unspectacular which is not to be equaled with boring. It is a decent Heavy-Rock record, which should be listened at the late stages of a party, when the whole pack has already been well-oiled. This music should sound perfect, live, in a small sweaty club. I don’t know why Metal bands have such subtle fingers for ballads, but they definitely have. And the melancholic “Siren Song” is no exception. But we are talking ‘bout a Hard-Rock combo here and they had something to offer in this area as well.


Especially the title song with its awesome chorus works one’s balls off. And the small guitar melodies in the second cornerstone “Hard As A Rock”, just like the brisk solo are providing one hell of a fun. In between teensy pearls care for a good mood and with “Glad All Over” we have a cover as well, but I have no idea who is performing the original one. Altogether a good record.

(Online October 22, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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