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Frontside - Twilight Of The Gods–A First Step To The Mental Revolution (9,5/10) - Poland - 2006

Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal / Metalcore
Label: Dockyard 1
Playing time: 52:07
Band homepage: -


  1. Apocalypse Continues
  2. Burden Of Hell
  3. Messiah Syndrome
  4. We Are Destined To Burn
  5. Hurricane
  6. Appeal For Forgiveness
  7. Absolution Hour
  8. Embrace This Promise
  9. Shape Of Pain
  10. Redemption Symphony
  11. Exhaling Final Breath
Frontside - Twilight Of The Gods–A First Step To The Mental Revolution

Hell yeah, FRONTSIDE from Poland gather for their second attack and release, and in “Twilight Of The Gods” (BATHORY’s milestone from 1991 shared the same title) they release an album that is up to every trick.


Modern Death Metal coupled with Thrash as well as a pinch of Hardcore can hardly be played in a more powerful, brutish and uncompromising manner. So it comes as no surprise that members of famed bands such as BEHEMOTH or DECAPITATED joined this formation and that FRONTSIDE already received the Polish Grammy Award “Fryderyk” for best Metal band of the year 2003 for their latest work “…And Forgive Us Our Sins…”.


Compared to the previous work, the new slab of hate has become even more massive, which is partly due to the record’s devastating sound. The guitars have a sound so thick the listener is easily blown away as if he was hit by a tornado. The weighty drums complete with rolling double bass attacks destroy even the last vital sign, while the varied vocals do the rest by singing a last dire for the shattered body of the struck-down Metal head. What have those guys done during the last months or years, and which experiences did they have to make to create such a monstrous album.


„Twilight Of The Gods“ is a masterpiece, every song is a revelation, which is why there is no need to change the description on the Promotion Copy. Because the comparison that FRONTSIDE are somewhere between KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and BLEEDING THROUGH is not that far-fetched. Although you should mention that both of those bands will have to work hard to reach the five Poles’ power with their next albums. If you add a little SLAYER, BOLT THROWER, UNEARTH, MORBID ANGEL, VADER or old ENTOMBED, you have already reached the destination of what FRONTSIDE represent acoustically. This band is not a crappy rip-off at any second, arguments like that can without doubt be called unimportant and imprudent statements.


The opening song „Apocalypse Continues“ is a first-class heavy-hitter and encourages the listener to bang his head until his neck breaks. The six-minute stomper “Burden Of Hell” shines for the first time with impressively melodic and clean vocals which really lift up the chorus in particular. “Messiah Syndrome” is FRONTSIDE’s most brutish side, just like the following riff thunderstorm “We Are Destined To Burn” which once again sports a goose-bump chorus. Amazing aural art! The track “Hurricane” more than lives up to its name, and the short blast beats pack a lot of punch, the vicious breakdowns are pure primal power. Things continue in a dangerous manner with “Appeal For Forgiveness”, “Absolution Hour” and the almost modern rocking “Embrace This Promise”, the foundation remains the same, the standard of each song is immensely high, there are no signs of depletion. It should be clear to everyone that not much does change during the last three tracks “Shape Of Pain”, “redemption Symphony” and “Exhaling The Breath”.


With „Twilight Of The Gods“ FRONTSIDE really hit the bull’s eye, and even all those who fail to appreciate common Metalcore will have fun with this Polish wrecking crew. Simply because of the fact that they skilfully shun beaten paths and focus on Death and Thrash Metal and are able to incorporate modern influences into the intense sound brew. On stage, FRONTSIDE are killer anyway, with this masterpiece behind them, the energetic shows will probably become even more threatening. Thumbs up, insane!

(Online November 20, 2006)

Alexander Ehringer

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