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Unreal Overflows - Architecture Of Incomprehension (8/10) - Spain - 2006

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Xtreem Music
Playing time: 46:07
Band homepage: Unreal Overflows


  1. Paths To The Human Involution
  2. The Unavoidable Passage Of Time >mp3
  3. Crematory Of Forgotten Cries
  4. Breeders Of Credibility
  5. Unexpected Dimensions
  6. What To Do When... >mp3
  7. Is There Anybody Outside?
  8. Psycho-Thought >mp3
  9. Pain Of An Afflicted Soul
  10. In Darkness I Dwell 2005
  11. Under The Quiet Silence
Unreal Overflows - Architecture Of Incomprehension

UNREAL OVERFLOWS plays a type of music I find almost instantly refreshing and especially original in a Technical Death Metal context – well the band put their music in that category, although it would also be equally suited to the title Melodic Progressive Metal. Although everything on offer here sounds pretty familiar in terms of style, this Spanish foursome have created something very exciting, sounding like a damn fine mix of CYNIC, DEATH and a host of other influences, all whilst managing to sound perfectly up to date with the current Progressive Metal scene. And, hang on a second… a debut album?! Yes this is a band that shows great promise indeed.


Some of the guitar work even reminds me a little of the distinct style of SIKTH’s guitarist Pin, a band well-respected for their innovation and originality in a similar vein as the previous bands mentioned. The vocals are also very interesting – for the most part very harsh and relentless, which helps the band to distance themselves from the countless other melodic metal bands who tend to do clean choruses to death. Anyway, enough about the instrumentalism (everyone else is tight and pretty much flawless too), and onto the songs.


“Crematory Of Forgotten Cries” is a particularly fine track. Beginning with the harsh, rather distant Black Metal style screeches which fill the album, the listener is also treated to a few deathly growls and some excellent riffing quite reminiscent of AMOM AMARTH (and along with tracks like “In Darkness I Dwell” this is where Melodic Death Metal plays it’s biggest part in the overall sound), only to be uplifted by the wonderful melodic section which breaks open from what seems like nowhere about two thirds of the way through. “Unexpected Dimensions” is a great instrumental, and still very metal, not acoustic as one might expect, and sets up the next song, “What To Do When…”, very nicely; bringing us back to unique melodies and arrangements of which “Architectures Of Incomprehension” so readily boasts.


One of my other favourites has to be “Is There Anybody Outside?”, and I’m not sure why as it’s probably the least technical. Anyway, it’s a song which sufficiently shows off a band that knows exactly what they want to sound like. Ah! But how could I forget “Under The Quiet Silence”, the closing track! Now that really is my favourite track, and indeed the only acoustic one on the album. Quite honestly I can’t remember the last time I heard such uplifting and original melodies played acoustically, and I also can’t think of another two and a half minutes of music which goes so fast every time I listen to it, and as often as people say that I truly mean it – I don’t know how many times I’ve repeatedly played it.


All in all, it’s a great album; generally a pleasure to listen to and with a few more outstanding tracks would probably be my debut of the year. Well worth the money.

(Online November 26, 2006)

Tom Bartlett

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