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Various Artists - Metal Ostentation VI (-/10) - V/A - 2005

Genre: Various
Label: Enclave Records
Playing time: 78:45
Band homepage: -


  1. Realm Of Betrayal (Endymaeria)
  2. Broken (End My Sorrow)
  3. Sewn-Mouth Forest (Lost Eden)
  4. Supra Absurdum (Tribes Of Cain)
  5. Of Heavenís Lava (Dark Deception)
  6. Last Way Out (Schistosoma)
  7. Wound (Dying Message)
  8. Scorvy (Darkrise)
  9. The Netherworld (Edgecrusher)
  10. Oxidizing World (Aeon Vortex)
  11. The Dark Reflection Of Your Soul (Melancolia)
  12. Kissing The White Goddess (Skeptical Minds)
  13. Phoenix (Erazer)
  14. Come Back (Aces)
  15. Desert Place (Estrepito)
  16. Memnoch (Slaughter Of Saints)
  17. Onder Duitschen Rijksvlag (Krocht)
  18. The Ancient Oath (Nyarlathotep)
Various Artists - Metal Ostentation VI

The sixth edition of "Metal Ostentation", Enclave Recordsí underground compilation series, follows the same path as the rest: all bands without contract, all kinds of styles and countries and a review from me, looking at every single band.


Endymaeria (Netherlands): melodic Black Metal with a lot of keyboards, which sometiems get a bit too loud, but good melodies and thanks to some violin at times almost with a medieval atmosphere, good one!

End My Sorrow (Denmark): sort of Gothic Metal with female vocals (in the chorus as duet), good lead guitars, varied, good!

Lost Eden (Japan): good Melodic Death Metalk with good melodies

Tribes Of Cain (Switzerland): good heavy Melodic Black Metal without keyboards

Dark Deception (Austria): brutal Death Metal combined with atmospheric passages

Schistosoma (Germany): rather dark Death Metal, pretty varied

Dying Message (Japan): musically pretty melodic with good guitar work, the rough vocals are almost unhearable, though

Darkrise (Switzerland): brutal Death/Grind

Edgecrusher (Belgium): extremely mediocre Death/Thrash

Aeon Vortex (France): good Gothic Black Metal with extensive keyboards, at times also some clear vocals

Melancolia (Canada): keyboardy Black Metal with a lot of melody and a few eruptions, vocals drown in the music

Skeptical Minds (Belgium): Industrial Dark Wave, elektronic in guitars and rhythm, but with crystal clear female vocals

Erazer (Netherlands): very average traditional Metal

Aces (Netherlands): Hard Rock in the style of the 80s, a bit dry, but not bad, production also very 80s

Estrepito (Luxemburg): bumpy Thrash

Slaughter Of Saints (Canada): brutal Death Metal with some Black Metal and Grind influences

Krocht (Netherlands): melodic Black Metal, definitely far too early for the band

Nyarlathotep (France): Black Metal with absolutely subterranean production


Very good beginning with ENDYMAERIA, END MY SORROW, LOST EDEN and TRIBES OF CAIN, then the quality goes down quite a bit and only AEON VORTEX manage to stand out. (Online September 25, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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