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Chaoswave - The White Noise Within (8/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: DVS Records
Playing time: 46:26
Band homepage: Chaoswave


  1. The 3rd Moment Of Madness
  2. Indifferent >mp3
  3. Mirror >mp3
  4. Hate Create
  5. The End Of Me
  6. The Wasteland Of Days
  7. Paint The Poet Dead
  8. Swept Away
  9. See Nothing Hear Nothing Say Nothing
Chaoswave - The White Noise Within

If you crave the Heavy Progressive Metal of bands like NEVERMORE, COMMUNIC and EVERGREY, you should pencil in to your busy schedule some time for CHAOSWAVE, because not only does the band sound a lot like those acts, but they're also almost as good. "The White Noise Within" is a really good listen, with jerky jackhammer riffs, lots of double bass, soaring vocals and even some magical mystical cowbell!


The album opens very strong with "The 3rd Moment Of Madness". Seriously, when the riffing first kicked in, I stopped what I was doing and just sat there for a moment, completely pulled in. "Indifferent" doesn't let up; in fact, it gets even better! After that, the quality ebbs and flows, but it never sinks down below the dreaded red line of suck.


By far one of the standout features of CHAOSWAVE's style is their utilization of female vocals. Never are they used as a gimmick, in the sort of "hey look here there's a girl singing isn't that sensitive and artistic!" way that some bands go for. Instead, they completely fit and compliment the main male vocalist. The band also makes use of a good bit of vocal harmonies (or least what I think are vocal harmonies, but I might be wrong given the fact that I have no idea what I am talking about) which sound both compelling and aggressive. So, in short, awesome vocal work.


CHAOSWAVE's "The White Noise Within" is album I could see many Metalheads enjoying. Hopefully they will get the recognition they deserve!

(Online November 20, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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