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10 tablatures for XXX Maniak

XXX Maniak - Harvesting The Cunt Nectar (6/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Porngrind / Goregrind
Label: Selfmadegod Records
Playing time: 23:59
Band homepage: XXX Maniak


  1. Lost Inside Yourself
  2. Death Porn
  3. Sprayed By Cans Of Shit
  4. Gorebortion
  5. Tuan Tran: Murderer/Rapist?
  6. Uncompromising Sexual Harassment At Work, Home And In Public
  7. Harvesting The Cunt Nectar
  8. Skeleton Toucher
  9. Desperately Craving Anal Attention
  10. Fist-Fuck Death Grip
  11. Buying A DVD Player (Then Raping You With My Old VHS Tapes)
  12. Albukkake, NM
  13. A Knife Called Pussylicker
  14. Prowler In The Shower
  15. The City And The World
  16. Catholic Slut
  17. 2nd Ranked Phallic Offense VS. 26th Ranked Vaginal Defense
  18. Eat Your Entrails And My Kult Ejaculant
  19. The Moment You Start To Enjoy It, Itíll Get Worse
  20. Priest In The Preschool
  21. Semen For The Basement Slaves
  22. Slut Killer
  23. Baptized In Semen And Steel
  24. Sunrise Is A Lie
  25. Failing To Contain The Gore Fountain
  26. Fucked By Lightning
  27. If I Dismember Your Cunt, Are You Still A Virgin?
  28. Only Those Who Eat The Feces Will Be Spared
  29. Tangible Expression Of Hate
  30. Diagnosis - Zombie Slut Rape
  31. Harvesting A Dead Girl (Av3rs10n Remix)
XXX Maniak - Harvesting The Cunt Nectar

Certainly not one for the family, this cyber-Porngrind release from Pennsylvania's sickest minds keeps its shock value for sure. With samples ranging from the hilarious ("He then murdered my mother and the left his semen in a tissue next to her"!!!) to the unnecessarily disgusting and song titles going through a similar range, XXX MANIAK don't mince around with their music.


If what you want your music to be filled with musical subtleties, melodies, vocal harmonies and the like, turn around and run as fast as you can away from this CD, as this is about as subtle as a shit in a vicar's tea cup. The vocals are nasty and raw, the guitars grind away like there's no tomorrow and the drums (programmed) just blast their way through 31 songs of pure brutality. But thatís all this is, brutality. Theres nothing new here, but that works in XXX MANIAK's favour in a way, as they certainly know what they're doing. But unless you're an avid Porngrind/Goregrind listener, I wouldn't say this is for you. Still, for us sickos who like this sort of thing, XXX MANIAK are worth checking out just for the comedy factor of the samples and song titles and letís be fair, isn't that why most people buy Goregrind CDs anyway?

(Online November 21, 2006)

Michael Slaughter

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