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Inner Surge - Signals Screaming (5/10) - Canada - 2006

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Cyclone Records
Playing time: 45:25
Band homepage: Inner Surge


  1. AzurA
  2. The Outcome
  3. Flames In Synergy >mp3
  4. Branding The Muse
  5. Retribution Song >mp3
  6. The Bottom Line
  7. We Were Once
  8. Welcome To The 5th World
  9. Wolves
  10. When The Door Locks
  11. No Profit In The Cure
Inner Surge - Signals Screaming

Sooner or later, I knew I was going to have to review a Metalcore album. Oh, how I tried to open up my heart to the genre; alas, I couldn’t bring myself to find anything likable about it. I know Punk and Metal may seem cool on paper, but as history has proven, it’s not such a brilliant idea after all.


“Signals Screaming” is the third album from INNER SURGE, who hail from the Great White North. The album is full of political angst, as evidenced by the lengthy list of “influences” on the inner sleeve (George Orwell, Michael Moore, Malcolm X, etc). However, being unused to the, er, “singing” of the genre, I had a hard time discerning any of the lyrics, deep as they may have been.


As you might’ve guessed, “Signals Screaming” is an fairly accurate description of frontman Steve Moore’s vocal style. Electronic distortion is often applied to his frantic screams, further muddying any attempts at lyrical comprehension. Not only that, but when he actually does sing, his voice comes through the mix as thin and weak.


I guess it’d make sense to devote a paragraph to the guitars, since they make up the focus of much of the record. Nothing special to see here, just the same tired pseudo Metal riffs you’ve heard a thousand times before. Given the genre, one can’t expect too much instrumental creativity, but boy, are the guitars ever boring.


Overall, I can’t say I’d recommend “Signals Screaming”. I really never understood all these bands who make such a big deal about their “lyrical depth”, then present it in such a fashion that you can’t understand what the hell they’re saying. What’s that? Just read the lyrics in the booklet? Well, shit, if I wanted to simply read a political commentary, I’d go dust off “Nineteen Eighty-Four” again.

(Online November 21, 2006)

Mitchel Betsch

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