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Astur Ignis - Montañas Y Valles (7/10) - Guatemala - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 24:46
Band homepage: Astur Ignis


  1. Más Allá Del Valle De La Oscuridad
  2. Cuando Quieras Olvidar
  3. Nubes Bajo La Luna
  4. Oscuro Corazón
  5. Cruzaré El Viejo Bosque (La Voz)
Astur Ignis - Montañas Y Valles

We are still working on filling the gaps on the Metal-map and today’s subject is Guatemala and more precisely ASTUR IGNIS from the capital, Guatemala City. They have been founded in 2002 by ex-ANDROMEDA guitarist Otto Arévalo and the line-up also includes his brother, I guess, Cristian (guitars as well) along with ANDROMEDA vocalist Adrian Mendez, so there are definitely some connections to this band, hehehe.


Stylistically they have devoted themselves to traditional Heavy Metal, which is always very pleasant, when one take into consideration that normally the less known lands are mostly opting for the less melodic areas, but ASTUR IGNIS are attaching utmost importance to melody, both musically and vocally, because Adrian’s voice has power, melody and expressiveness, so everything you would wish from a good Metal vocalist.


“Más Allá Del Valle De La Oscuridad” consists of really energetic melodic Metal, along with good melodies and vocals, quite varied in design, a good opening, whereas “Cuando Quieras Olvidar“ sounds partly “light” and brings only at the end some pithy guitars. “Oscuro Corazón” is on the other hand straighter, more powerful and brisk (they go as far as double-bass), good strain, good song!


The greatest minus with ASTUR IGNIS is the production, which really stands in the way of details and the songs are bereft of their vigor, but the compositions are revealing potential. This material is already 3 years old, so I would really like to hear how the guys sound in 2006, check out the mp3s on the band homepage and allow yourselves to be convinced! (Online September 28, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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