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THE METAL OBSERVER - Interview - SNIPER - Online Oct 2006

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Sniper - The calm before the storm (Rupert Nieger) - Online Oct 2006

Finally, the young band SNIPER got a record contract after releasing their current record “Seducer Of Human Souls” on their own first. I had the honor to have a little chat with singer/guitarist Rupert Nieger on ICQ, to check out some facts about this aspirant for the title “Album Of The Year 2006”.


Rupert, please introduce SNIPER to our readers which doesn’t know you.

SNIPER, this is Christoph Hoppe on the drums, Stanislav Tschernow on the bass, his brother Sergej on the guitar and me as singer and guitarist. We’re from Rotenburg, a 20.000 souls hicktown between Bremen and Hamburg. The band exists for 4 years. I’d say we play a mixture of Death/Thrash- and Black Metal. But everybody should decide on their one what kind of music we play.


In my ears, you bring the ghost of DEATH into the future.

Well... It’s nice to hear that you continue on the heritage of such a big band. Nonetheless, in my opinion “Hypochrist” is the only song with DEATH bonds. But I can’t quite appraise that, I don’t listen to DEATH that much.


Yes, I thought of DEATH while listening to some of the songs. Whereupon “Haunted” got a CANNIBAL CORPSE touch...

Really, CORPSE? I hear that for the first time. Didn’t reckon that, too.


Yeah, some of your singing, haha...

Oh well, I have to say that I don’t think we sound a lot like other bands as people tell us. Of course, a Thrash riff sounds like a Thrash Metal band cause they define the genre, but that’s it for me. Take “Black Fire” for example. Often is said it sounds like an old KREATOR song, but I have to disappoint you by saying that I’m not a big fan of KREATOR – neither are the others, I think. I just have one of their CDs (“Enemy Of God”) in my collection...

I don’t understand the SLAYER comparisons either, not to mention the METALLICA comparisons. Sure, when somebody asks me about my influences, I say METALLICA first. But not cause I think SNIPER sounds a lot like METALLICA. Just cause METALLICA brought me to Metal and I love this band.


Well, I think of KREATOR everytime when I listen to “Black Fire”!

Yes, that’s right. SNIPER does have it’s own style – what I think is good.

Well, yes, maybe “Black Fire” sounds like KREATOR. But in some of the reviews they base their facts on that and that we’re stealing everywhere and doesn’t have our own style  (didn’t happen with you), and I don’t understand that generally. When an established band plays a riff that sounds like a classic, they’ll get kudos (I think Hammer did it with HEAVEN SHALL BURN in the newest issue, but don’t nail me to the wall if I’m wrong!). They say they bring back the old spirits and that’s awesome. But as soon as you do that as a newcomer band you’ll get tared and feathered.


Yeah, that sucks. Sometime you can’t come up with any new riffs. I mean a guitar is a limited instrument, haha.

Haha, I like that! But you’re right. There are thousands of bands out there and it’s just a normal thing that some riffs/lyrics sound a lot alike.


Recently you got a record contract. Is it just for sales and distribution of “Seducer Of Human Souls” or for upcoming records as well? A rather dumb question, but you never know.

As far as I know it’s just for “Seducer..” and our next record. We’ll come back.


I hope so!

Some lyrics of the new record are about religion. Is there a reason to it?

Well, yes, there’s a reason. I still went to school when I wrote the lyrics. I was in 12th grade. I chose religion, cause I find the theme interesting. I don’t know if religion in school is supposed to hold people to faith or bring ‘em to it. For me, confirmation (yes, in actual fact I’m a catholic and baptized) and the education achieved the opposite. Then the class started to annoy and somehow I came up with these lyrics...

The real attitude isn’t that gross as it’s maybe shown in the lyrics. For example, I don’t think someone wastes their life just because they believe in Jesus (like sung in “Hypocrist”), but at the time I liked the statement and it was good for the song. I think everybody has to come up with their own priorities and do what makes ‘em happy!!!

Please double-check the spelling later. Otherwise it’s embarrassing.


No worries. I do have to work on it anyway. My writing isn’t perfect as well when I have to write fast on the keyboard.



Can you say something about the lyrics for each track?

Well, yeah, I’ll try. Please wait, I’ll do ‘em in the running order.

“Haunted”: A person hearing voices in it’s fanaticism, voices from the beyond, they make ‘em insane. He or she drives nuts, asks why he or she’s the chosen one. I had the idea while reading about exorcism somewhere...

“Black Fire”: A person is looking for salvation in a world full of hypocrisy and idiots. For him everything is bad and there’s no hope in sight. He wishes for the evil black fire to annihilate him and the rest of the world.

I’m not serious, but I like true, norst, frostbitten, evil, Underground, Black Metal skits.


Of course!

Um, “true, norst, frostbitten, evil, Underground, Black Metal skits”. Is this correct? Reads weird...

That’s how me and a friend of mine call those evil Black Metalers, the ones who are really intolerant and doesn’t understand a joke.

Those are adjectives, which are true, evil, frostbitten and of course Underground. Norst is for nordic.

Actually we should add arks for “arisch” (“Aryan” is a slight different translation. I couldn’t find anything else to translate it. – Chris K), cause those are often NSBM guys.

But don’t get me wrong and think I’m a Nazi...


Okay, with the commas missing, it didn’t make any sense to me.

What’s next? “Perished On The Cross” or “Liar”? I don’t know.


“Liar”, than “Perished...”!


“Liar”: It’s about the methods the church were using in the medieval times (Like I said, I still went to school and took history as well as religion.). Only truth and that whole shit...

Even the Jesus myth. For me, Jesus is a historical character and not the son of god. In my opinion that’s made up by the church and other religious leaders.

Except for the muslims, they are good – after all I don’t wanna get bombed away.


That’s good!

And I’m totally with you by saying all of this is made up!


“Perished On The Cross”: Taken from the religious education as well. We had a theme called christianity and islam. If they could get along and shit. I thought about the crucifixion of Jesus and how radical islamists kill people of a different faith at the moment.

What’s next?


Next one is “Hypochrist”!

“Hypochrist”: Like “Liar”. The church, or let’s call ‘em organized religious groups (it’s not only in christianity like that), uses and used the fear of people to make money and achieve power. Like I said, those were education lyrics. “Hypochrist” is a neologism, put together by the words “hypocrite” and christ.



Thanks, haha.

“Seducer Of Human Souls”: Actually I wanted to write a conceptional record about the seven deadly sins, but this song was everything I could come up with. It’s a good complement to the other religious lyrics, it shows things from another point of view. The satanic shit, like, “do what you want and only care about yourself”. If this would be the only law it would cause chaos. I rather live in a civilization based on christianity like we do in Europe then.


I think more like “Nobody needs religion”. But I agree when you say that we need rules and laws in the civilized world. But this god-nonsense really is annoying.

Yeah, it annoys me too. But fact is, our laws are built on the ten commandments and our civilization on the last 2000 years, which is indeed a christian world.

Sorry for being a smart ass.


Yes, and unfortunately we can’t teach people the better way anymore!



Ok, last one’s “Epiphany”.

“Epiphany”: A friend put me up to that. He read the other songs and said: “There’s a concept behind everything!”. He explained the concept to me and it was logic too, but I forgot most of it by now. He meant something like showing religion from all different points of view only God’s is missing. That’s how “Epiphany” arose.

Well, and it’s true. It’s just like with aliens. If there’s a god, he can do whatever he want’s to do with us and we can’t do anything about it. And if this god isn’t as mercyful as christianity says we’re fucked! Peter Tägtgren ones said in an interview: “If aliens do have the technology to visit us on earth, they can erase us in the blink of an eye. If they’re a warlike kind.”. I think he’s right about that. That’s the way I think about god... But I’m sure there are other lifeforms out there in the universe.


I haven’t thought about that yet, but I say: “When your god is that mercyful, why is the earth such an evil place?”!

Yeah, not bad. But they’ll probably say: “He gave the earth to humanity as a gift and let ‘em deal with it. In the beyond life will pay off.

I do have some really religious friends.


What about the bonus track “Last Goodbye”? It doesn’t fit to the rest of the disc.

Uh, well, we wanted to have 40 minutes straight and we didn’t had another song available. Christoph and I were for it, the other two against it. But then we all agreed to do it. I think there’s nothing wrong with doing something as a band nobody expects. Who doesn’t like it, doesn’t have to hear it. That’s the reason why it’s just a bonus track.


Haha, that’s what I assumed when I wrote my review!

Well, see.


Ok, on October 21st you’ll play a release-show in Salzgitter. What can the fans expect on that evening?

Well, I don’t really know yet. Our show are very spontaneous actually. We don’t even have a setlist most of the time. But who knows, maybe we’ll play the entire record, except for the ballad. Our we show off with it’s bigness of our dicks.

But to be serious. Basically people can expect a solid and sweaty Metal evening. We’ll worry about the rest later.


Will you have other bands on the stage or do you play by yourself?

We’ll have two other bands, but we don’t know who’s it gonna be. The evening will be full of surprises then.


Ok. I’ll try to be there! Even when it takes me abour 350 kilometres. For such awesome Metal, there’s no way to far!

Are you serious?


Of course, I’m serious! I went to Bochum once just to see SACRED STEEL and ANTHRAX with Belladonna four days later. And it was totally worth it, I can tell you that!

Awesome! I’m pleased to hear that.


Good transition to the next theme: Tour! How does it look? May your new label send you on tour through Germany with a band from their hutch?

Yeah, there were negotiations, but we didn’t got it. It’s hard right now anyway. I’ll start a training in October and I can’t take a vacation for the next six months then. There’ll be no SNIPER tour at this time. In any event, time is the problem. We can’t make a living by playing our music and we probably never will, so we have to work. Christoph goes to college and Sergej started a training... But we’ll see. After realising the first dream (sign a record contract), maybe we can realise the second dream (play a tour) as well.


I’m sure it will. It works for TANKARD, too!

By the way, another good reason for me to come to the show in Salzgitter. Who knows when we’ll get to see you guys on stage in Mainz!

However, what are SNIPERs plan til the end of next year? Or don’t you plan ahead for such a long time?

We want to release the upcoming record for “Seducer...” next year, we’re busy writing new songs, too. Awesome would be to play an open air in summer, where more than three or four drunks come to see us. I hope Twilight can set something up. We’ll see. And if we have the possibility to go on tour, we will.


An open air would be awsome. Doesn’t Wacken Open Air do a special for underground and newcomer bands?

Yes, indeed, but it’s only for bands without a record contract. We applied to play there before we got signed, but they didn’t want us then.


Shit! They don’t know what they missed!

Allright, I got two mandatory questions for you:

1) What do you think of “The Metal Observer”?

Honestly, I don’t read it a lot, but I will do so til the release. I promise!


I hope so!

2) Do you wanna say something else to your fans and our readers?

Death to Core and Emo!

And, of course, buy SNIPER!



Wait, I have to think of something better.

Nah, it’s okay, i don’t wanna be creative.

Which song is your favorite on “Seducer...”? I forgot...


“Black Fire”, “Liar”, “Perished...”, “Epiphany” and “Hypochrist”. But all of ‘em are awesome!

I like “Hypochrist” best, but somehow I’m the only one who thinks that way.


I read in the AMON AMARTH interview in the newest issue of Rock Hard, that only one of ‘em new before the album release “The Pursuit Of Vikings” would be a killer song. Tastes are different.

I don’t know.


YOU DON’T KNOW AMON AMARTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????

I mean “Pursuit...”.


From “Fate Of Norns”?

I find it totally phat. I know most of the bands we’re compared to only by name.

Well, maybe I know the song when I hear it, but I know the name just from reading.


Unbelieveable. Do me a favor and listen to that song – anywhere. That’s a killer, I tell you.

Allright, hahaha.


Ok, thanks for answering all of my questions.

Thanks for you questions. 


2004: Sniper (CD, Demo)
2004: Your World Is Doomed (CD, Demo)

2006: Seducer Of Human Souls (CD, Self-production)

Chris Kraemer

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