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InnerDK - Threat From Within (4/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 23:44
Band homepage: InnerDK


  1. Illuminating >mp3
  2. The Great Foresight
  3. Cancerous
  4. Doubt The Truth >mp3
  5. Threat From Within
InnerDK - Threat From Within

They say indifference is much worse than hate, as hate still implies some minuscule form of interest and care – you care enough to hate it, strange as that may sound. Well, I am completely indifferent towards INNERDK. They are yet another boring Metalcore band doing the rounds and not really impressing anybody along the way. I don’t feel like hating or loving them… I just feel nothing when it comes to this band and this particular subgenre. I’ve heard enough of it to last me a lifetime and now I just see it as empty music devoid of any surprises and capacity to impress me.


INNERDK play generic Metalcore with the standard Thrash and Groove touches. There’s a fair bit of melody present here, mostly in songs like “The Great Foresight” and “Cancerous”, with the latter being my favorite on the disc. Like I said before, this really did nothing for me, so this review will consist only of little notes on some of the elements that I did like about this band. What more to say about “Threat From Within”, hmmm…. The little guitar solo in “Doubt The Truth” was quite well done and the title track starts off quite forcefully before slipping into repetition. Clean vocals show up here and there (most effectively on the opener, “Illuminating”). Apart from that there is really nothing to write home about people.


And what is up with this band name? INNERDK? Sounds like some engine lubricant to me… What’s next – OUTERKP?


I guess you can’t hate this band, because in many ways they are nothing more than a product of their time. But you can choose not to play this sucker. You’ll be better off that way, believe me.


Boring album!

(Online November 24, 2006)

Neil Pretorius

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