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Brand New Sin - Tequila (7/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 46:44
Band homepage: Brand New Sin


  1. Said And Done
  2. Did Me Wrong
  3. Spare The Agony
  4. Ice Man
  5. Proposition
  6. Old
  7. Worm Whore
  8. See The Sun
  9. Motormeth >mp3
  10. Numero Dos
  11. Elogio
  12. Reaper Man
  13. Acehole
  14. House Of The Rising Sun
Brand New Sin - Tequila

Hot damn! It only seems like yesterday when I reviewed their 2005 effort “Recipe For Disaster.” The album I do believe has only been out for about a year and a half give or take and now we have another full length? Crazy man. Well, for what it’s worth BNS deliver another dose of dirty, south western Hard Rock as only they can.


“Said And Done” is the lead track that boasts plenty of heavy, distorted riffing that not only packs a punch, but is simple and will definitely be infectious to the ears. Joe Altier’s gritty, Jack Daniels’s soaked voice is in check once again. Hot mama. When we break it down in the solo department, we get twin guitar assaults that are loud and obnoxious, but get melodic all of a sudden giving it that THIN LIZZY vibe. Sweet! Things only continue to remain heavy as “Did Me Wrong” throws down the rhythms and the riffs are loaded with piss and vinegar. After the boys have raised your blood pressure sky high with five tracks of high energy, “Old”, “Worm Whore” and “See The Sun” bring the noise factor down just a little bit and offer three slower, but still power packed songs that would go just right with your cold brew. As things eventually come to a close, we get to a cover of THE ANIMALS “House Of The Rising Sun” which I have heard countless versions of this, but this one is great. It’s bluesy, slow and has a twang thrown into it. This has a very southwestern flavor and it works for BNS.


The bottom line is that they deliver another strong performance from top to bottom and they are quickly becoming the AC/DC, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and MOTÖRHEAD of this genre. I don’t want the boys to become overkill. They should take a little break after their touring and come back when we least expect it. I think they have made a name for themselves by now and the folks out there who enjoy this music won’t forget about them anytime soon. Their music is tattooed in my brain.

(Online December 1, 2006)

Joe Florez

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