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Lyzanxia - Unsu (5/10) - France - 2006

Genre: Melodic Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 49:37
Band homepage: Lyzanxia


  1. Wise Counselor
  2. Path Blade >mp3
  3. Ache Power Control
  4. Early Phases
  5. Strength Core
  6. Bled Out
  7. Unsu
  8. X-Modification
  9. Tedium
  10. Answer Fields
  11. Ascention
  12. Defensive Heart
Lyzanxia - Unsu

LYZANXIA are a modern Thrash outfit which manages to combine its core riff structure with a moderate amount of catchy vocal-work in order to garner your attention.  This four-piece comes to the table prepared, but I am not quite sold on the riff assortment or the at times limp-wristed song structures.  Too much groove and watered down riffage makes for a rather weak dish. 


My main problems with this album consistently spawn from guitarists David and Franck Potvin.  These two boast a strong assortment of riffs when it comes to quantity, but the quality is seriously lacking.  The stronger moments which approach memorability have a slight technical edge and seem to ride the mid-tempo moments almost exclusively.  The leads are surprisingly solid but suffer from the fact that you can slide quality between two slices of mediocrity and you’re going to be left with that foul taste in your mouth.  The post-PANTERA groove are the moments I am referring to, which are appallingly abundant and always edging out the more interesting aspects.  The disc is further flattened by the fact that there are copious amounts of softer sections which carry the catchier chorus structures.  This is an atrocity when one takes a step back and realizes that we’re dabbling in a sub-genre which first and foremost prioritizes intensity; attempting to ride the pine and stay strictly between both ends will never work.


The Potvin brothers also afford the dual vocal duties on the disc, shifting between a feint Black Metal snarl and a somewhat unique clean approach.  Surprisingly, I actually prefer the latter in the context of the songs, as tracks like “Strength Core” at least bring a slight smile to my face, which I can appreciate even if it is not the riffage inducing.  Drummer Clement Decrock is technically sound but ultimately unremarkable within the confines of the songwriting.  Bassist Eguil Voisin, on the other hand, actually injects a great deal of low-end into the sound, helping to fuel the barrage of half-chugging in a way which is noticeable.  When everything is said and done, however, you’re going to faintly remember the clean singing layered over the Blackened snarl, both supplanted by a groove-laden riff which tempts the neck but never honestly ignites you with that spark.


“UNSU” ultimately suffers from the fact that it does not beg to be listened to.  To make an impact and gain the attention you deserve, you must hit the listener with a sledge-hammer, not swoon him with a handful of roses.  I don’t really find myself disappointed with LYZANXIA’s latest effort, I just find myself completely unmoved.  There are enough uninteresting and dull moments in life; music is precious because it is the polar opposite.   

(Online November 27, 2006)

Charles Theel

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