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X-Wild - Monster Effect (8,5/10) - Germany - 1995

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Tricolor Music
Playing time: 49:06
Band homepage: -


  1. Wild Knight
  2. Souls Of Sin
  3. Theatre Of Blood
  4. Heads Held High
  5. Dr. Sardonious
  6. Sinners Are Winners
  7. Monster Effect
  8. Serpent Kiss
  9. Sons Of Darkness
  10. D.Y.T.W.A.C.
  11. King Of Speed
X-Wild - Monster Effect

After their first, quite successful, attempt to show their former cap'n Rock'n'Rolf that RUNNING WILD would in theory do just fine without, they added some more fuel to the fire with their 1995 sophomore effort "Monster Effect". Although still overshadowed by the larger pirate ship, which had itself released the excellent "Masquerade" that year, they managed to top their debut and get a bit away from the RUNNING WILD-esque sound.


Sure, you still hear these riffs that might just as well have been found on "Blazon Stone" or "Pile Of Skills", but oh well, that's the music Jens (bass), Axel, (guitar), Stefan (drums) and Frank (vocals) want to play, so for god's sake let them! The flop rate also is lower this time around. "Heads Held High" and "King Of Speed" are the only real filler tracks on "Monster Effect". The rest is solid Heavy Metal guaranteed to make every headbanger happy indeed. Tracks to check out: "Wild Knight", "Theatre Of Blood", "Sinners Are Winners" and "Sons Of Darkness".


This album is worth heading to some used music stores for, as to the best of my knowledge the big chains stopped carrying X-WILD CDs years ago. RUNNING WILD fans, too, should give this a try; after eleven years and two mediocre albums by their gods, they should give the Damned a chance.

(Online November 30, 2006)

Chris Kraemer

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