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Wolf - The Black Flame (9,5/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 47:33
Band homepage: Wolf


  1. I Will Kill Again >mp3
  2. At The Graveyard
  3. Black Magic
  4. The Bite
  5. Make Friends With Your Nightmares
  6. Demon
  7. The Dead
  8. Seize The Night
  9. Steelwinged Savage Reaper
  10. Children Of The Black Flame
Wolf - The Black Flame

You can really rely on WOLF, which makes them one of the top addresses in true Heavy Metal. All of their three previous albums had been super great and the latest epos of the Swedes is no exception. They still sound like a prehistoric remnant of the Eighties, but they are no old-fashioned sounding retro band, because the sound from Studio Fredman is modern and powerful.


Musically there are no changes to be detected, they still offer us tons of great, emotional riffs reminiscent of MERCYFUL FATE/DIAMOND HEAD/IRON MAIDEN/JUDAS PRIEST, breaks, solos and very catchy choruses. Each song is a headbang grenade right to the target for all old school Metalheads. Singer Niklas also has grown a lot of character in the course of these albums, even though many complain that he sings to high. Forget about that! In a time, where many wannabes sound like a bad copy of Halford, Tate, Kiske, Hetfield or Dio, I am happy about original voices. There might be some with better technique, but this man has charisma!


In any way killer songs such as "Black Magic“ or "Steelwinged Savage Reaper“ or the MERCYFUL FATE-like closer "Children Of The Black Flame“ chisel a permanent grin into the face of an old Metal freak such as myself. Every single creation ignites, only the chorus of "Make Friends With Your Nightmare“ sounds a bit off, even though the song itself gallops away with great power!


To me "The Black Flame“ is one of the highlights of the genre and an essential buy for all, who feel addressed. You know who you are!

(Online November 27, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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