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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - LIVIDITY - Used, Abused And Left For Dead

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Lividity - Used, Abused And Left For Dead (8/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Goregrind / Death Metal
Label: Morbid Records
Playing time: 35:19
Band homepage: Lividity


  1. Raped For Rent
  2. Gore Epitomite
  3. Seven19
  4. Deviant Pleasures
  5. The Cumming Of The Trilogy
  6. Exibition Of Carnage
  7. Used, Abused, And Left For Dead >mp3
  8. Hero Of Dementia
  9. No Time For Lube
  10. Stench Of Virginity
  11. The Urge To Splurge
  12. Phallic Beat Down
Lividity - Used, Abused And Left For Dead

Let's get one thing clear here folks... I hate goregrind.  I hate everything about it in most respects - the absolutely abysmal production values, the fourteen year olds trying to sound as "sick" as possible, the absolute slop of the performances, and just the whole concept of it all.  So when I received this self-described pornogrind album from grinders LIVIDITY, I was hesitant to even listen... I was tempted to send back an e-mail that this wasn't my thing and that I wasn't down to review anything with a song titled "Phallic Beatdown", but, I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised...

To start with, DAMN, skinsman Jordan Verala is one of the most ferocious drummers out there.  Especially notable is the man's ludicrous speed on the double kicks, and his lightning fast rolls and fills... he's the engine upon which the rest of the madness is founded.  If you're wondering what the overall sound of this band is, it's not endless sludge or a wave of static noise recorded on a four track... this is a vicious beast of riffs inspired by the likes of DEEDS OF FLESH, CRYPTOPSY, SUFFOCATION, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT... you can hear it in the tremolo picked melodies, the brutal chugs, the pinch harmonics... in fact, if it weren't for the samples used to start off some of the songs (such as the rather disgusting and/or horrifying ones used for "The Cumming of the Trilogy", I wouldn't be able to consider this Goregrind at all, just pure Death Metal.

The only thing I'm not kosher with are, of course, the vocals at times... I'm really burned out on the whole REE REE REE pig thing, but that's just a matter of opinion, call it the reviewer's tilt.  And obviously, lyrics consisting entirely of the rape and sodomy of females an that whole misogynistic theme really isn't my thing.  But if DISGORGE's "She Lay Gutted" is one of your top spins, and you like records that bring the maximum in brutality, or you want to hear a terrific death metal drum performance by one of the genre's underrated stars, give this record a spin.  You might be surprised.

(Online November 30, 2006)

Sean May

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