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Iscariot - Lifeless Design (3/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Metalcore
Label: 567 Records
Playing time: 36:16
Band homepage: Iscariot


  1. The Gates Of The Flames (Instrumental)
  2. Scars Are Perfection
  3. Dismembered Embrace
  4. Hallowed Eyes
  5. Reinventing The Ghost
  6. Seventh Story Orchestra
  7. Carnal Shades Of Darkness
  8. The Prospect Of Malice
  9. Forged From Revulsion
  10. Our Lifeless Design
Iscariot - Lifeless Design

I donít really think I need to go into much detail nor depth as to why I wouldnít give a band like ISCARIOT or an album such as ďLifeless DesignĒ a positive review.  Iíve simply had my fill of Metalcore and its stunning banality.  From the breakdowns to the twin scream/growl Iím getting almost irritated just thinking about the fact that the Metal scene is now awash in this numbing movement. 


A few bands back when this ďmodern American ThrashĒ (bullshit by the way, there are still plenty of real Thrash bands playing and recording in America), started where pretty good as Iíve said before: THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDERís first record, a couple of SHADOWS FALL releases, and even the first AS I LAY DYING.  However, itís stale and moves me as much as a drying wall of paint.  Sorry to the lads in ISCARIOT, whom Iím sure love what they do and give it their all, but Iíll be grabbing for GRAVE, AMON AMARTH or NEUROSIS every time as opposed to any Metalcore albums.

(Online December 2, 2006)

Stephen Rafferty

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