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Odium - Just A Crisis (6,5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Metal / Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 23:19
Band homepage: Odium


  1. Confessions >mp3
  2. Diet
  3. Just A Crisis >mp3
  4. Drown (In The Wishing Well)
  5. A Part Of This Machine
  6. Would You Carry Me?
Odium - Just A Crisis

Rarely have I had this much trouble finding a genre to file a band under than in the case of ODIUM, whose new album "Just A Crisis" definitely has earned a spot in the Hall of Most Embarrassing Album Covers.


But which sort of music does this quintet play? Thrash Metal? Yeah there's some Thrash elements to be found, and one may even draw some comparisons to TANKARD ("A Part Of The Machine"). Then again, I had to think of THE OFFSPRING ("Just A Crisis", "Would You Carry Me?") on several occasions as well while blasting "Just A Crisis" from my speakers. That might be attributed to the somewhat similar-sounding vocals of Reinhard Runkel, though. So what is it? Well, they're too slow to be old school Thrash ("Confessions") and too fast to be Rock ("Diet", "Drown (In The Wishing Well)"). I suppose this quintet is located somewhere in-between, that is somewhere between Power, Speed and Thrash Metal. These six songs do, however, not sound terribly old school, but rather modern and melodious.


This call's really yours to make. But believe me, listen to this album often and for prolonged amounts of time before passing judgment. I, at any rate, had an incredibly difficult time rating it.

(Online December 2, 2006)

Chris Kraemer

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