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3 tablatures for Lifelover

Lifelover - Pulver (8/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Black Metal / Rock
Label: Goatowarex
Playing time: 42:31
Band homepage: Lifelover


  1. Nackskott
  2. MS Salmonella >mp3
  3. Mitt Öppna Öga
  4. Kärlek - Becksvat Melankoli
  5. Vardagsnytt
  6. Avrott Sex
  7. Stockholm
  8. Söndag
  9. Herrens Hand
  10. Medicinmannen
  11. Nästa Gryning
  12. Em Sang Om Dig
Lifelover - Pulver

LIFELOVER are a new Swedish band that sound blacker than JOYLESS and certainly rocker than BETHLEHEM, but their debut album “Pulver” can be compared with both acts. What we have here is some very let-you-down Black Rock, with fucked-off clean vocals and well… this is entirely fucked-off music, actually.


Depressive is not the proper word to describe “Pulver”, as the rhythm is kind of fast and the riffs very melodic. We also have some guitar-like keyboards, and sound effects included as ambience in the most of the songs… but somehow, LIFELOVER manage to create a sinister suicidal soundtrack (being the voice extremely desperate, a la BETHLEHEM/DEINONYCHUS).


These guys were probably totally drunk/drugged when created this album. The sensations given are similar to those you feel very late after highly self-destructive parties, when the “down” mood embraces you and there’s nothing more left to drink and all you have ahead are dreadful hours of distorted misery.


No need to say after this description that the song-writing is almost totally unstructured, with some long ambient parts including only mellow keyboards, the drumming appearing randomly by times, and the vocals lacking predictable lines. There’s no separation between the songs, so the music flows constantly… sounding almost improvised by times, “Pulver” is a freaking mad album.


Fans of bands in the vein of SHINING, BETHLEHEM and JOYLESS must give this a chance. “Pulver” is a rather original and interesting album, and with it LIFELOVER demonstrated that they can become one of the big suicidal Black Metal acts in the future… and don’t miss the gorgeous cover art!

(Online December 3, 2006)

Daniel Barros

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