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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - CARNAL DECAY - Carnal Pleasure

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Carnal Decay - Carnal Pleasure (3,5/10) - Switzerland - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Fastbeast Entertainment
Playing time: 30:18
Band homepage: Carnal Decay


  1. Molesting The Dead >mp3
  2. Coward
  3. Misanthropic Deeds >mp3
  4. Where Is The Fucking Hospital
  5. You Can't Kill The Dead One
  6. Lust For Gore >mp3
  7. My Torture
  8. Sliced Open
  9. Putrid Fucked Up Dip Potato
  10. Ignorance


Carnal Decay - Carnal Pleasure

Switzerland isnít exactly known for having a hefty Metal scene. In fact it has to be one of the most anonymous scenes in the whole of Europe. They have two big bands, CELTIC FROST and SAMAEL, but apart from that I havenít heard anything of interest coming from the Swiss Alps. Not that Iím a big fan of either bands. CARNAL DECAYsounds more like they are living in the Rocky Mountains than the Alps, by the way. ďCarnal PleasureĒ is nothing else than 30 minutes of half sloppy Death Metal, US style. Think early CANNIBAL CORPSE and SUFFOCATION, strip away most talent, and then add a lousy production with quite horrendous drums. Voila, you are currently depicting the music of CARNAL DECAY perfectly.


Iíve heard worse bands than CARNAL DECAY but they are almost as boring as it gets. They donít have one original idea for the whole album. It constantly sounds like a rehash of Death Metal youíve heard too many times before. It is ultra guttural Death Metal but it lacks in intensity. Itís more than evident that we arenít dealing with wizardry musicians here. Only on rare occasion are they onto something good, probably accidents. It doesnít sound like there is any real aggression behind the music either, more like a bunch of guys and girls going through the Death Metal motion. Did I mention that they have an enormously bad logo as well? Oh my, it looks like it has been drawn by a challenged 7 year old.


Why I label CARNAL DECAY as ultra guttural Death Metal is mainly because of the vocalist. Due to a bad production the guitars arenít especially heavy. While the vocals are indeed deep, they arenít exactly any good. Just like the rest of the package it is a lazy and boring performance. I think the whole gang should reconsider what they are doing because it doesnít sound like they were made for Death Metal. Iím just trying to help here. I donít want them to waste their time.


I donít you to waste your time either, so take extreme care before you think of buying this crap CD. Check out the samples and learn that Iím right.

(Online December 4, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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