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Viscera Trail - Piled Up Dead (5/10) - Israel - 2005

Genre: Death Metal / Goregrind
Label: Epitomite Productions
Playing time: 24:02
Band homepage: Viscera Trail


  1. Disposal Of The Deserted (Caprice)
  2. Remains Of Disploded Humans
  3. Hack Till Gravy >mp3
  4. Rancid Mess Of Bile, Guts And Feces
  5. Stiff And Dry Cunt >mp3
  6. Limb Chewer
  7. Burnt Offspring
Viscera Trail - Piled Up Dead

My knowledge of the Israeli scene didn’t extend beyond MELECHESH, SALEM, ORPHANED LAND, GRIMOIRE and ARALLU, so finding out this brutal troupe hailed from that part of the world was quite fascinating. So what do these guys sound like then? Do they have that peculiar “Israeli sound”?


Well, no. These guys play the sort of cringe-inducing, bowel churning Death/Gore Metal that is, for some reason, very popular in the Czech Republic and the US Midwest. The album cover and back sleeve didn’t really leave a lot to the imagination now that I think about it – I mean, what kind of Metal would these guys play if they have a picture of what looks like a baby or a small child’s body stuffed in a wretched feces-filled toilet? So no, these guys are definitely not happy campers. The “vocalist” sounds like that slurping sound you get when you try to drink every last drop of your double thick strawberry milkshake, while the guitars slice and dice all over the place. I can’t really say that this style of Metal is a huge favorite of mine, but since these guys are somewhat of an anomaly in their local scene I decided to give it a few spins anyway. After a weird violin-led intro that seemed to go on for an eternity the sickfest id kicked into gear with “Remains Of Disploded Humans”, a track that features some good riffing near the end and a very strong bass presence. From here on until the end the band doesn’t stray from the brutal Death/Gore formula but they do throw in some redeeming elements along the way – “Hack Till Gravy” has a weird gang-shout chorus that strangely doesn’t sound out of place at all, while “Limb Chewer” has a cool little guitar solo played over some furious Thrashy riffing in the background.


Although these guys are in no way unique they do seem to be trying harder than the average brutal Death metal band. This is not essential listening at all, but at only this EP was quite bearable to sit through in one listen. If you are into bands like LIVIDITY, LUST OF DECAY and old AVULSED then this would surely fit your tastes.

(Online December 6, 2006)

Neil Pretorius

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