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Lääz Rockit - City’s Gonna Burn (8,5/10) - USA - 1984

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Target Records
Playing time: 29:44
Band homepage: Lääz Rockit


  1. City’s Gonna Burn >mp3
  2. Caught In The Act >mp3
  3. Take No Prisoners
  4. Dead Man’s Eyes
  5. Forced To Fight
  6. Silent Scream >mp3
  7. Prelude
  8. Something More
Lääz Rockit - City’s Gonna Burn

LÄÄZ ROCKIT were founded in 1982 by Aaro Jellum, Michael Coons and Graig Behrhorst. After two years on the live front and constant rehearsals the band angled itself a deal with Target Records and by the end of 1984 released their debut album “City’s Gonna Burn”. With the opener and title track they have created a classic of US Power Metal. Ask some Metalheads from the eighties about LÄÄZ ROCKIT and 99% will come up with “City’s Gonna Burn”. But even if this hymn is the big hit on the album one should not devaluate the rest.


On the contrary, the band had much more too offer. For example, “Forced To Fight” introduced by a short guitar part, which then turns into a track delivered at high speed which sits tight in your neck muscles and forces them to wreck. A very big plus for the band was the vocalist Michael Coons, whose voice you were able to recognize out of thousands. And this voice made it possible that a normal track like “Silent Scream” became an all killer. But the guitar duo Lange/Kettner also knew how to find the way to your heart. When I take these riff attacks and compare them with some present-day bands, the LÄÄZ ROCKIT squadron still scores the highest.


But it is just simply cool, when the guitars howl like in the catchy mid-tempo rocker “Caught In The Act” or the brilliant “Dead Man’s Eyes” where killer riff follows killer riff. The production, by the today’s standards is on a demo level, but very authentic. One should get familiar with this piece. (Online October 20, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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