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Saturnus - Paradise Belongs To You (10/10) - Denmark - 1996

Genre: Doom Metal / Death Metal
Label: Euphonious
Playing time: 67:50
Band homepage: Saturnus


  1. Paradise Belongs To You
  2. Christ Goodbye
  3. As We Dance The Path Of Fire Or Solace
  4. Pilgrimage Of Sorrow
  5. The Fall Of Nakkiel
  6. Astral Dawn
  7. I Love Thee
  8. The Underworld
  9. Lament For This Treacherous World
Saturnus - Paradise Belongs To You

I stumbled upon SATURNUS thanks to a friend (Hi Benno, you Transylvanian transvestite!), who was constantly swarming of this band and recorded me their albums. And especially the first LP “Paradise Belongs To You” is not letting me go since then. The album encloses the best Doom/Death Metal on this planet! The one who once perceives the sound of this insolently genial lead-guitar, will be hopelessly addicted to this band, that’s for sure. No, the guitarist is not excelling by special technical skills or hyper-fast act, just solely by a grasp for pure, profound emotions.


The CD is blessed from the beginning to the very end with a goose-flesh-atmosphere, which is almost too beautiful to be true. Clearly this is no album for merry flower children, but for melancholic aesthetes, who are not against harsh assaults either. Even if the band works with many calm, partly dreamy elements, the basis is still very heavy. Often it reminds me of THERION’s “Symphony Masses-Ho Drakon Ho Megas” but somewhat more dismal and gloomier. And of course slower, that goes without saying.


The songs will keep you busy for a while, but on the other hand the very intensive songs spark off instantly. So take good care of your ears and your souls, cause SATURNUS are like a Venus flytrap: they are lulling their victims with sweet, heavy and befogging tunes, until ones gets addicted to the band and then it sucks you dry! The same goes for the predominant deep growls as well, which are a beautiful contrast, and magically allure you.


But the wonderfully inserted keyboard-parts provide you with some sparkling moments. It is a pity that only a few people came to know the taste of this record so far, cause SATURNUS would really deserve a larger public with this album. Recommended tracks: ALL !!! (Online October 20, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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