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Society 1 - The Years Of Spiritual Dissent (2/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Industrial Rock / Nu-Metal
Label: Crash Music Inc
Playing time: 70:10/120:00
Band homepage: Society 1


  1. This Is The End
  2. Sick Things
  3. Dead Soul
  4. Lets Do It
  5. Who Are You?
  6. Filthy And Wrecked
  7. Help Me
  8. Cracked
  9. Living
  10. Screaming
  11. Thinking Is The Link
  12. Mask Of The Devil
  13. Push It Through
  14. In Search Of...
  15. Wretched
  16. Dreaded Day
  17. Slacker Jesus
  18. The Story
  19. Give
  20. IAPM
  21. Bleeding Virgin
  22. Searching For The Sound
  23. Time For You To Exist
  24. World Of Mine
  25. Preconcieved Plan
  26. So It Dies
  27. Already Dead
  28. Fuck The Logical
  29. Look At Your Life
  30. Unbounded Balance
  31. 2 Hour Long Bonus DVD


Society 1 - The Years Of Spiritual Dissent

Whilst all that hanging from meat hooks on stage may be a good draw for the live crowds, on record SOCIETY 1 are no more than a tedious Nu-Metal band, with industrial leanings, much like SNOT. Even worse, there are so many moments on this CD where Matt Zane is just talking! Who cares? I defy anyone who pays full attention to these spoken words parts. This wouldn't matter too much, however if the music held your attention, which it doesn't.


The two cover songs aren't that good either. The Alice Cooper cover is pretty boring, but I wouldn't know how this compares to the original as I've never heard it. The BLACK SABBATH cover is also pretty boring, and is nothing on the original. Ozzy's singing on "Who Are You" was eerie yet superb. Here, Zane just sounds boring and lame, much the rest of SOCIETY 1's music. Itís quite hard to write much more than this CD is pretty boring, with no real moments of greatness or anything innovative. Itís all been done before, and it was never any good in the first place.


The DVD that came with this disc is bit more interesting, but for anyone that doesn't care about the history of SOCIETY 1 (basically everyone), there isn't much for you to enjoy. There are some amusing moments when Zane abuses crowd members who heckle the band, but after a while that gets a bit repetitive as well. The rest of the DVD is basically an autobiography of the band, and is wholly irrelevant. Had the DVD focused on live performances rather than interviews with band members, there might have been some worth for this CD. As it stands, everything here is wholly irrelevant and boring. Avoid like the plague.

(Online December 7, 2006)

Michael Slaughter

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