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Bewitched - Unveiling Zion (2/10) - Chile - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Conquistador
Playing time: 74:05
Band homepage: Bewitched


  1. Ancient Fortress (For The Glory Of Chaos)
  2. The Winter’s Rover (Hibernum In Perpetuum)
  3. St. Darnstoft
  4. Insurrection (For The Pagan Blood)
  5. Into The Ardent Awaited Land
  6. A Feast For The Antichrist
  7. Elven Summoning From Midgard
  8. The Path Of Sorrow And Doom (Part I)
  9. The Path Of Sorrow And Doom (Part II)
  10. Ragnarokk For Anew Beginning
  11. The Ragnarokk Song (The Return Of The Mother)
Bewitched - Unveiling Zion

The Chilean quirk Metalheads from BEWITCHED have been one of my absolute favorites, mostly for their albums “Dragonfight” and “Somewhere Beyond The Mist”. But the status quo has properly changed at least since their last album “Unveiling Zion”. On this record BEWITCHED indulge in Black Metal more then ever before. The music is the lesser evil, but the vocalist – this is how a bumfucked polecat would sound like. Ok, that was a bit exaggerated, but chief Doomicus Stardust is not rising above the typical Norwegian scolding.


Well, and the songs are actually just Black Metal standard, yet the Chileans know how to really rouse that death and evil spirit. A keyboard can also be heard as well, and especially this instruments cares for some creepy atmosphere, just listen to “Insurrection (For The Pagan Blood)”. With “Into The Ardent Awaited Land” they have recorded a FALKENBACH cover, which is a match to AD INFERIS-pile-of-shit interpretation” of “Baldurs Tod”. What is this Ambient/Acoustic-trash supposed to be?


At “Elven Summoning From Midgard” a stubby blast-beating awaits you, an after that I lost all interest to listen to this anymore. Only this: till the end it becomes worse, just fine for this mega-true drabness, whereas the olm-productions fits the genre just the same. Bugger it!

(Online October 25, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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