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Silencer - Death-Pierce Me (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2001/2006

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Autopsy Kitchen
Playing time: 48:57
Band homepage: -


  1. Death-Pierce Me
  2. Sterile Nails And Thunderbowels
  3. Taklamakan
  4. The Slow Kill In The Cold
  5. I Shall Lead, You Shall Follow
  6. Feeble Are You-Sons Of Sion
Silencer - Death-Pierce Me

So when insanity finally hits, you think you’ll find yourself relaxing in your living room, wearing your grandma’s panties and masturbating in a mound of your own feces? What do you do when your inhibitions are thrown to the wind with the remaining shreds of your dignity and nothing remains? Perhaps you’ll finally get Metalcore? Maybe you will set the world on fire and fulfill Violent J’s dream? No, you’ll fucking make music.


Twisted, sick, demented, maladaptive; there are but many words which could aptly identify the mentally divergent sound of SILENCER. “Death-Pierce Me” is a 49 minute respite into the collapsing walls of one of mankind’s most tormented souls. We’ve been on this journey before with the distorted chaotic lullabies of Varg Vikernes and the wailing torture of the complex BETHLEHEM. This is nothing like that. Similarities may be drafted, but the feel and atmosphere are unique and sincere to the point I would place this on an entirely different level. Think of the aforementioned as an appetizer, SILENCER the delicacy you’re willing to spend 15 minutes in awkward silence waiting for.


The sound is chiefly a chaotic frenzy, highlighted by the fact it is juxtaposed and often preceded by brief lapses in which a hypnotic drum beat or gentle acoustic chord is birthed like a bear trap offering a firm hug. Screams will erupt out of left field and your pupils will dilate as a buzzing cacophony of riffing will pierce the calm. The meat of the album lies in this harsher majority, which is distinguished chiefly by the poignant screams of the formerly institutionalized Nattramn. Yes you read correctly, Varg Vikernes and Jon Nödtveidt kill people, Nattramn spends his free time in a padded room sans windows. While the off-the-wall vocals are highly reminiscent of Landfermann, they have this subtle intensity which conveys a depth of emotion which is altogether inimitable. The quality of this album testifies to their strength as the psychotic approach carries a majority of the composition and is able to cover the gap found in the weaker material.


These weaker moments are chiefly discovered in the DARKTHRONE inspired riffing and often times awkward song structures. Some of the compositions have a hard time establishing themselves as memorable, but are elevated to a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts by the sheer intensity and fervent attitude which is always boiling on the surface. Surprisingly, this lack of maturity is virtually non-existent during the ambient and instrumental passages which manage to tug at your emotions in excess. This is funneled into an end product which conveys such a heightened sense of sorrow and anguish that it is often physically draining. That oft-imitated spark of ingenuity is the real deal and can be immediately felt upon first listen.


This may be one of the most difficult albums I have had the pleasure to review. Sound is often difficult to capture into words, but an album such as this I find it nearly impossible. Those who worship the work of contemporary acts LEVIATHAN, XASTHUR, and even WEAKLING will find themselves at home within the depraved experience of “Death-Pierce Me” and will realize, with time, that without SILENCER none of those precious bands you worship may very well exist. Be sure to kick the pacemaker into high gear before delving into this monstrosity.

(Online December 9, 2006)

Charles Theel

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