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Wretch - Reborn (9/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: US-Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 49:15
Band homepage: Wretch


  1. Mental Wars
  2. Cry For The Young
  3. Life
  4. Reborn
  5. Eyes Of Fate
  6. The Winners
  7. Skin To Skin
  8. I Am Storm
  9. Nothing
  10. Touch Like Thunder
  11. 'Til Death Do Us Part
Wretch - Reborn

Nobody should tell me anymore that the USA did not have any good Metal bands anymore. WRETCH from Cleveland, Ohio, are the prototype of what to me is real Metal. Leather, rivets, sweat and songs, which do not sound soft and are not lathered with keyboards. If you look at the band photo, then you will see a bit older gentlemen, which surely have seen the Eighties. Undergroundies might remember WRETCH from the “Heavy Artillery” sampler, where they have had their song “Life” ready for the masses. This song also can be found on this album and is among the highlights, which are not a rarity whatsoever.


Who could imagine a stylistic mix of old METAL CHURCH, ATTACKER and SAVATAGE, roundabout knows what WRETCH sound like. The killer tracks, of course, live off the rough and charismatic power roar of front pig Collin Watson. A singer with memorability, not just visually! You don’t hear a song such as “Cry For The Young“ often anymore. It has a flair that only the Eighties possessed. I feel the urge again to hear unadulterated Metal without any modern crap, with screaming guitars, an equally screaming singer and a merciless double-bass machine that hammers relentlessly. All these are stalwarts on this album, “Eyes Of Fate”, “I Am Storm” or the mega killer “'Til Death Do Us Part” also are not from this world. Pure stainless steel and head banger fodder from the best and the other songs also can almost fully keep up.


This band is a killer and it is a pity that it so far is only available as import. I doubt that German labels have waited for a divine band such as WRETCH, because the really “true” stuff may not sell as much. I think that the old school fans over 35 have waited for exactly this album. This is a goddamn must!

(Online December 10, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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