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Vortex - Tierra Virgen (-/10) - Nicaragua - 2004

Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 6:56
Band homepage: Vortex


  1. Tierra Virgen >mp3
Vortex - Tierra Virgen

Ah, it is always a pleasure to bid a new country welcome on "The Metal Observer". Today's object under the microscope has been imported from Nicaraguan capital Managua and listens to the name of VORTEX. Now there are at least six other bands of the same name out there, so they do not really manage to stand out that much...


But anyways, I have their single "Tierra Virgen" here, consisting of - the title track. Yes, a 1-track single, so hardly enough to form an opinion about a band, but we have to work with whatever we get. The style of the Nicaraguans is somewhere between traditional Hard Rock and equally traditional Heavy Metal, with at times pretty extensive keyboards, so the potential fan base is pretty well defined.


If you look beyond the (partly too) strong keyboards, VORTEX can convince, the very good voice of former CRIPTA singer Luís Rivera, the guitar work of Ernesto Rodríguez, everything very catchy and well done, me likes! And they even include Mozart's "Rondo Ala Turca", unfortunately with the keyboard as lead instrument, would have sounded even better if played by the guitar.


As said, one song is not really enough to say much about the quality of a band, but it definitely makes me want to hear more, so let's see, if we can hook up with some more stuff from Nicaragua...

(Online November 1, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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