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Deaden - Displaying The Art Of Carnage (5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Goregrind
Label: Epitomite Productions
Playing time: 33:51
Band homepage: Deaden


  1. The Abhorring
  2. ...The Mind Of >mp3
  3. With The Skin >mp3
  4. Pervert Fecal Embodiment
  5. Open Your Fears
  6. Vomiting Felch
  7. Blood Came From Sodomy
  8. Only Genitals Remain
Deaden - Displaying The Art Of Carnage

If I was to sum up “Displaying The Art Of Carnage” in one sentence it would probably come out something like: Average Goregrind/Death Metal song-writing, with too many sound samples but really great vocals.


Yeah so it’s brutal, and I’d like to come up with band that I could liken DEADEN to, but there’s no band in particular I feel I should really mention. When it comes down to it, I know I’ve heard this all before, and although I love Extreme Metal herein lies the problem with its subgenres – they are riddled with hundreds of mediocre bands, content with regurgitating the same sounds that have been played a thousand times before. Not that this is a bad album, I can enjoy the music fairly effortlessly, but it doesn’t hold my interest for long, and although I love ultra-technical Metal, this is one band that sounds like they need to stick to simpler structures, perhaps because the instrumentalism isn’t fast or blasting enough to warrant the occasional jumpy rhythms.


I may be putting across quite a negative message about DEADEN so far, I don’t intend to, but nor do I intend to put across a very positive one either, this is an album which simply sits in the middle of the spectrum, and has after numerous listens still hasn’t really affected me. On one negative note lies the subject of samples (horror film samples I assume), which I found to be quite an interesting novelty at first, but soon realised that they are too numerous and too long, making the music less punchy. The album would probably roll more effectively if it just went straight from one track to another, will little or no break between each song.


And the most positive thing I can think of saying about “DTAOC” is the vocal work. Such deep growls are rarely heard in this kind of Death Metal: they are more akin to the style of PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT, a band which DEADEN are nowhere near as heavy as, so that makes for some much appreciated brutality. Oh and another thing, no matter how many times I see the samey song titles, I have to hand it to Grind bands for some real great ones; come on, you just can’t go wrong with “Vomiting Felch”!


So there you have it: Average Goregrind/Death Metal song-writing, with too many sound samples but really great vocals.

(Online December 19, 2006)

Tom Bartlett

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