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11 tablatures for Gut

Gut - Pimps Of Gore (6/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Porngrind
Label: Supreme Chaos Records
Playing time: 11:11
Band homepage: Gut


  1. Taylor Rain (You're A Freak)
  2. Return Of The Cliteating Clique
  3. Anti-PC-Crew
  4. Pimps Of Gore >mp3
  5. Sextravaganza Speciale
  6. Public Animal No.1
  7. Strawsuckers
  8. Lesbo Action On The High Seas (Bonus)
Gut - Pimps Of Gore

These filthy fuckers fling fuck fluids about with abandon. Smearing the walls with their under the counter Pornogrind, there is certainly more of the porn than the Grind as they piss about with samples from XXX raters and one or two less sleazy places.


What music there is amongst the buffoonery, is Sludgy Grind played at the speed for optimum penetration, one imagines. Slow, low and dirty, leaking sloppy thirds, the guitar has a suitably nasty edge tainted by shit. The programmed drums make no attempt to sound natural as they bump away in a lazy, can't be arsed fashion. The vocals are languorous too, gruff but conversational in parts, they do adopt a manic shriek on the first track and elsewhere and there are other splashes of dubious vocal stains soiling this product.


This EP is only a tad over eleven minutes long so whether you appreciate the disproportionate amount of sampling is doubtable. If I was pissing myself laughing at it, then fair enough but one listen is enough. Those who revel in the regaling of the seedier way of transferring bodily fluids might chuckle for longer, who knows? Often the musical content only cums in at the end and is minimalist in it's execution with electronic bleeps and noises punctuating the distorted, pervert on the other end of the phone voice. What guitar you can hear has a sewer dredging tone to it, which is good but there just isn't much of it.


None of this is remarkable enough to make you laugh or repulse you, I'm sure GUT could if they wanted to but here they don't seem to be bothered. As a one time only chance for a laugh, it might just get away with it. As a way to draw new punters, they might attract a few “nasty girls” but not much more. Mind you, that's still a result.

(Online December 24, 2006)

Niall MacCartney

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